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Project Inspiration: Inspired by Oh Joy for Land of Nod

23 Sep

oh joy dotted glow lamp
You know I love a good DIY but I also recently started a new love affair with lighting. More specifically, with lamps. I never realized how crucial they are to warming up a space and considering how hideous (and lacking) our overhead lighting is at home, I wish I’d realized this sooner. Nevertheless, it all began when I thrifted a yellow lamp from a little thrift shop up in Maine. I just swapped out the shade for a bright white barrel shade I picked up at Target and ta-dah! A gorgeous new source of light in our living room that very conveniently ties into a planter we bought we we first moved in together, (adorned with Brian’s favorite symbol ever…the fleur de lis)!

Anyways, one of my favorite design bloggers, Joy Cho, recently collaborated with the Land of Nod on a sweet, quirky collection of home-wares for the stylish child and it’s all gorgeous. Naturally! Check out the collection here. I don’t have any need for children’s bedding or nursery art right now, but I’m filing this little paint-dipped metallic lamp away for a future DIY project. Possibly for my bedroom, even. It’s be easy enough to re-create using either a metallic-based lamp or any lamp spray-painted with some metallic gold paint, then taped off with some frog tape for that “dipped” look. I’d use some milky chalk paint in a lilac or soft teal or sea foam blue, I think. Then the fun begins with hunting for a shade! Easy peasy.

la-piñaThis pineapple print, however, this needs to come home with me. I love the pineapple motif because it’s a symbol of hospitality and we do love to entertain! Also, it reminds me of our honeymoon in Hawaii where a LOT of pineapple consumption occurred.  I think it would tie in really nicely with that lamp and planter I was just telling you about actually…

Road Trip Essentials

28 Aug



Considering how much I loathe long car rides, even I was a little shocked when I proposed our recent road trip to Chicago. I’ll share the trip details in another post, but first, wanted to share some of the essentials we relied on as we trekked half-way across the country. There’s nothing like being in a car for 9+ hours to test your love — but we made it, and dare I say… had fun!

AAA Trip-Tik – A customized trip guide, courtesy of AAA. Yes, please!
Great sunglasses – I never appreciated a good tinted lens until I stared at cornfields in Indiana for 3+ hours.
Headphones – Because sometimes you just want to blast the Fever Pitch soundtrack but let him listen to his jams.
Blankety scarf – Perfect as a blanket, a pillow, a shawl…basically a must for car napping. So versatile!
Well-stocked cooler – The munchies are half the fun of a road trip.
Trivia/Questions books – To break-up the hours, these can be really fun.
Great road trip playlist – A given. But one of my favorite tweaks involves playing the “20 favorite songs of all time” game and alternating adding to your lists in real time using a service like Spotify. Once a song is taken, it’s gone, so you have to draft strategically.
iPad with downloaded TV/movies – When things got really tedious, I turned to Olivia Pope.
An honest-to-goodness paper map – Believe it or not, we used this when we got to Canada and realized we couldn’t rely on cell phones without risking expensive roaming charges! It’s nice to know that maps still, erm, get the job done.

Eat Like Me: Inspired eats of the week

25 Jul

quick and healthy meals

Chatting about food and restaurants and occasionally exchanging recipes is a given when together with friends, but after spending last weekend on the Cape with some girlfriends, conversation turned to the go-to meals we make after a long workday or when we’re less than inspired. Listening to everyone share their favorites reminded me of a discontinued online series by Self magazine called “Eat Like Me.” Have you heard of it?

The series followed the food travels of registered dietitian (and fellow-Bostonian!), Cristin Dillon-Jones; what she cooked at home and what she ordered at restaurants for every meal and snack, along with photos and brief, but much-appreciated, posts ranging from balancing nutrition to using up whatever was in her fridge before a vacation. It was a simple, practical, source of inspiration I looked to regularly and I miss it. So I had an idea. Although I’m hardly qualified to dish out dietary advice professionally, I do think I can help inspire.

Each week or so, I’ll post some of my favorite eats from the week as a series. A little bit down the road, I can even imagine featuring those of my friends, fellow bloggers, and Instagram buddies for even more inspired eats.

(L-R, top-down)

- Almond butter and jelly on whole wheat, honeydew, carrots and hummus, and an apple. I can’t tell you how often my dinner looks like this in summer!
– Yogurt and blueberries with slivered almonds and coconut
– Spring mix with BBQ chicken, grill-roasted tomatoes, and sunflower seeds
– Tomato soup made with 1% milk
– BBQ chick, grilled peaches, pineapple, tomatoes, and zucchini
– Baked pork chop with steamed broccoli and a cinnamon sweet potato
– Shake Shack burger for a little mid-week lunch splurge
– Giant salad of spring mix, chopped chicken, chickpeas, tomato, cucumber, and sunflower seeds; blueberries and strawberries
– Two eggs scrambled with parsley and chives and two pieces whole grain toast spread with avocado


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