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21 Nov

some of my recent buys for baby girl

The chilly weather we’ve had lately has kicked me into holiday-prep overdrive. I’m tossing things, re-organizing, and deep cleaning to prep for our annual holiday party which we’ve scheduled extra early this year in an effort to accommodate more schedules. I think last year’s fiasco has taught me that I overextend myself at the holidays, so I’m scaling back this time around and prioritizing what I love most about the holidays — spending time with family and friends, watching our favorite holiday movies, baking cookies, getting out to enjoy the holiday decor in stores and around the neighborhood, and wrapping presents. Simple pleasures really, but the things I most look forward to all year.

IMG_6202.JPGlove a cozy contrast, cuff on these men’s shirts at Banana Republic

IMG_6197.JPGcouldn’t resist this sweet, pink-striped yarn

IMG_6192.JPGlove seeing more of a bump developing every day!

IMG_6203.JPGcraving egg sandwiches with bacon like crazy lately — a first!

Weekly Update: 22 Weeks

20 Nov


Date: November 20

How far along: 22 Weeks

Baby’s size: Spaghetti Squash

Symptoms: Awful back pain all over but especially lower back. Occasionally, a sharp pain in my lower abdomen or hip.

Sleep: Not bad until the morning when the excruciating back pain kicks in

Wearing: Leggings, yoga pants, and lots of layers. This is the coldest November we’ve had in a while. This past week we finally turned the heat on! Brrr.

Loving: Clementines and red grapes. Can’t get enough of citrus still. Also this week, I’ve been back on the bacon kick, only this time it’s with breakfast sandwiches. I’ve been loading mine up with tomatoes. Mmm.

Hating: The direction my belly button seems to be heading in lately. I read that my uterus has finally extended an inch above my naval which makes perfect sense since I’ve felt an uncomfortable pulling sensation in that area over the past week and a half. It’s looking like my “innie” days are numbered. Sob.

Missing: The fitted shirts, sweaters, and coats I usually wear in the fall. My winter jackets are difficult to button lately!

Movement: Yes!!! Lots of flutters throughout the day but especially during yoga when I’m in pelvic tilt with a block under my sacrum. I think I felt the first hiccups this past week too. It was sort of a rhythmic flutter.

Labor Signs: None yet

Health + Wellness: Going to yoga twice last week really helped ease my back pain. I’m realizing that a lot of the discomfort in my body is tension, so deep breathing and stretching has been great. One of the best moves I learned in yoga involved just placing my palms on a wall and stretching my back. Another that really opened up the back of my neck (and relieves heartburn I was told) is a position where you sit cross-legged, facing a wall, arms outstretched to hug the wall, with neck, throat and chest pressed, looking up to the ceiling. Amazing!

What I’m looking forward to:
Lately, I’ve been imagining more about what our daughter will be like, who she will resemble and what her personality will be. I’m just so excited for her to finally be here.  I feel like I need to busy myself as a distraction while I wait.

 Best moments this week:
1. Catching Brian’s smiling glances at my belly and his exclamations — “that’s our baby girl in there!”
2. Spending time visiting with the Dobbins family and their twins
3. Testing out the back brace Casey lent me. Life changing!
4. Two amazing yoga classes.
5. Feeling stronger, more frequent movement.

A Taste of Parenthood

19 Nov

Registering is awful. I imagined Brian and I having such a blast testing out strollers and choosing a fun activity gym for our baby girl, but the truth is, it’s stressful. We blocked off some time last night to work on the shower registry together and accomplished exactly zilch. We couldn’t even land on the best place to register. A friend recommended Amazing Registry which lets you choose items from anywhere, but we spent a good half hour comparing similar sites like and My Registry before taking a look at single store registry options like Babies ‘R” Us and Buy Buy Baby.

I think the heart of the issue is that despite being halfway through my pregnancy and having the incredible benefit of the tried and true recommendations and advice of all the moms in our lives, making these decisions is our first real taste of parenthood so far. Until now, “having our first child” has been like a fantasy. It’s been daydreaming about nursery decor and oohing and aahing over sweet little baby girl clothes. I’ve had check-ups and sonograms and my belly is finally starting to pop (!), so my schedule and body are certainly primed and ready, but I think this last hurdle is mental.

Thinking through the types of products we want for our baby is forcing us to really think about the types of parents we want to be and what we imagine our life will be like once our duo becomes a trio. The big unknown of course, is what our baby will be like. It’s the X-factor that will influence everything as far as our lives and hopes and plans are concerned. A friend recently asked if we thought we’d do Newport Folk Festival with the baby next summer — an annual tradition. I have no idea! If we think we’ll be very active and travel much with her, does a convertible stroller system make sense? Or will we be baby-wearers? Do I still want to attempt cloth diapering? Will I (try to) exclusively breast feed? I probably don’t need a crazy dual manual pump then.

I think my greatest takeaway so far is that you have to be flexible as a parent. What works great for one baby may not work well for ours. And to just trust that we’ll figure it out as we go. Still, I’d LOVE to hear what your baby essentials were. After testing out a few options, we eventually finally decided to use Amazing Registry for our baby registry, but haven’t made much progress. I think a few spins through Babies ‘R’ Us are in our future!


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