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T-minus 2 months ’til Christmas

25 Oct

I know it’s not REALLY nearly Christmas (2 months!) but I can’t help feeling excited when decorations start popping up in stores. It’s our favorite season! I will admit that I’ve been listening to my Christmas music mix on Spotify since the end of August but I have another Christmas confession: I shop for gifts year round.

It’s just so much easier! I’d much rather pick things up here and there as I see them than try to cram it all in during the weeks following Thanksgiving. It may just be that I love shopping and gift-giving, but I’ve found it really useful to keep a little running digital list on my phone of gift ideas, both general and specific to individuals, and make notes year-round of likes and dislikes, things mentioned as wants or needs, and so on.

How to: Write wedding thank you notes

2 Oct

I think a lot of brides and grooms dread writing their thank you notes, but I love everything to do with good old fashion letter-writing. I love selecting my stationery, the pen I’ll use, choosing my stamps, selecting some type of return address label, stamp or sticker and finally settling down. With a latte. Or tea.

If you read my stamp post, you know we never got around to ordering a return address stamp or return address labels, so we made sure we had some for our thank you notes.   I designed 2 different ones to match our thank you card, plus one alternate that tied-in the stripes theme from our wedding:

Don’t worry, this isn’t our real address!

I’m really happy we opted to also get the ones with “Mr. & Mrs.” and a wedding dress/tux graphic on them because they are so cute! And we’ll only be newlyweds for so long, so I figured we should enjoy it while we can.

Writing our thank you notes was basically the last “Post-Nuptial” to-do on our list, we had a lot of fun planning them out.  Wedding Paper Divas has some of the most beautiful stationery I’ve ever seen, so we knew we’d go there for the card itself, but in terms of what to put ON the card, these were really the main inspiration for ours:

wedding thank you sign ideas

I can’t thank my friend Bridget enough for copying the script font so well & carving the wood signs we held in one of the thank you note photos!