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Taking stock: 02

28 May

Long Sands Beach – York, Maine

Making: banana, coconut, almond, oatmeal smoothies
Cooking: shrimp pesto pizza with goat cheese
Drinking: blueberry coffee
Reading: Grade Coddington’s memoir
Wanting: this Max Wanger “Tulum” print
Looking: for the perfect hair cut
Playing: with the time management app “Pomodoro” for work
Wishing: for another weekend with my family
Enjoying: freshly laundered, crisp white sheets
Waiting: impatiently for Game of Thrones to return next week
Liking: this pic my mom snapped when we had coffee on the beach
Wondering: how I should use all the lace I picked up thrift shopping
Loving: my burgeoning little photography business
Hoping: to write tonight
Marveling: at how peaceful a clean, de-cluttered space feels
Needing: a free-space weekend in June to just be
Smelling: Lily of the Valley, it’s finally out
Wearing: a striped wool skirt—where are you summer?
Following: my gut and loving what I’m doing for work right now
Noticing: how good I feel when I wake up and workout
Knowing: I’ll feel amazing after a yoga class
Thinking: we should figure out or anniversary plans
Feeling: like I haven’t been able to be creative in far too long
Bookmarking: ideas for my photography website
Opening: container after container of sweet, plump blueberries
Giggling: watching Amy Schuman’s show
Feeling: daunted by all the things I want to do, make, write, and photograph


Taking stock series: 01

6 Years

24 May


Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my morning hug, my confidant, my source of laughter… my love.

Inspired Art: Illustrations

14 May

Oh Joy family portrait print from Rifle Paper Co

How sweet is this watercolor family portrait by Rifle Paper, Co of blogger Joy Cho’s family?? I love meaningful art and think this is just the loveliest example of a fun spin on the traditional family portrait. I’ll have to cruise Etsy or hire out a talented friend to create on of these someday for us when our family grows a bit more.

Here are a few other examples of meaningful art I hope to add to our collection over time.

LOVE! One day I’ll commission one of these Rebekka Seale custom illustrations when we buy our first place but in the meantime, I think a hand-drawn illustration of a new home would be a wonderful housewarming gift. I can see it on a gallery wall.

Years and years ago I started gifting friends and family with customized Christmas ornaments with their childhood home or new home that I’d found on (obsessed with that site). Brian had one made for us of our current place and it’s one of my absolute favorite ornaments — and you know we have a LOT of ornaments. Sadly, they don’t seem to offer this particular ornament anymore but check out Michelle Basil. She paints stunning ones like  this one below:

Finally, I’ve wanted to get one of these wedding dress portraits done since our wedding but just haven’t had the time.  I met a lovely local Boston vendor  recently at the Sommerville Wedding Craft Expo, but have yet to get in touch. The drawing above was done by the incredible Diane Bronstein. I’ll add it to my to do list I suppose…! How gorgeous would this look on a gallery wall or layered on a console table with photos from your wedding day?