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Eat Like Me: Inspired eats of the week

25 Jul

quick and healthy meals

Chatting about food and restaurants and occasionally exchanging recipes is a given when together with friends, but after spending last weekend on the Cape with some girlfriends, conversation turned to the go-to meals we make after a long workday or when we’re less than inspired. Listening to everyone share their favorites reminded me of a discontinued online series by Self magazine called “Eat Like Me.” Have you heard of it?

The series followed the food travels of registered dietitian (and fellow-Bostonian!), Cristin Dillon-Jones; what she cooked at home and what she ordered at restaurants for every meal and snack, along with photos and brief, but much-appreciated, posts ranging from balancing nutrition to using up whatever was in her fridge before a vacation. It was a simple, practical, source of inspiration I looked to regularly and I miss it. So I had an idea. Although I’m hardly qualified to dish out dietary advice professionally, I do think I can help inspire.

Each week or so, I’ll post some of my favorite eats from the week as a series. A little bit down the road, I can even imagine featuring those of my friends, fellow bloggers, and Instagram buddies for even more inspired eats.

(L-R, top-down)

– Almond butter and jelly on whole wheat, honeydew, carrots and hummus, and an apple. I can’t tell you how often my dinner looks like this in summer!
– Yogurt and blueberries with slivered almonds and coconut
– Spring mix with BBQ chicken, grill-roasted tomatoes, and sunflower seeds
– Tomato soup made with 1% milk
– BBQ chick, grilled peaches, pineapple, tomatoes, and zucchini
– Baked pork chop with steamed broccoli and a cinnamon sweet potato
– Shake Shack burger for a little mid-week lunch splurge
– Giant salad of spring mix, chopped chicken, chickpeas, tomato, cucumber, and sunflower seeds; blueberries and strawberries
– Two eggs scrambled with parsley and chives and two pieces whole grain toast spread with avocado

Just lovely: Eberjey Colette Racer Back

24 Jul

I’ll be the first to admit that the majority of my undergarments are functional. Most of my bras are an oh-so-unsexy, yet practical, nude (for wear under white clothing and just about everything else), and for a while now, my underwear have begun to start moving away from preventing VPLs (“visible panty lines!”) and more toward concealing just how little I’ve hit the gym and how many cookies I’ve consumed of late. Still, there’s something so lovely about elevating an everyday, often plain old wardrobe stable like a racer-back bra into a sweet, delicate work of art. Since I bought my Eberjey Collette Racer Back Bra two years ago, (and seen it re-pinned on my page 57+ times!) I’ve gone out of my way to find reasons to wear it. Like with off-the-shoulder tops so the delicate lace strap is visible or with loose camisoles, so the top peeks out on purpose. And it is so, so, so comfy. I know a “bralet” might send a lot of women running since they do NOT offer much in the way of support, but for my fellow less well-endowed ladies, this is one way to flaunt what you’ve got for a change. It’s so pretty, too, right?

DIY Inspiration: Gold Leaf

23 Jul

gilded headboard DIY

I get so excited about some projects that they keep me awake, literally. This morning I actually awoke from a dream about using gold leaf when I finally refinish our headboard (pictured above), instead of just using gold paint. I’d been looking for some affordable but high quality gold leaf options online the other day and was shocked when I found some great options under $10, so I think my mind probably went into overdrive imagining all the uses. Jewelry? Art? Maybe gold leaf on my rusted old $7 yard sale bike? I really love the look of kind of worn, or aged gold leaf items in case you couldn’t tell from my flowerpot project, so I thought I’d share some of the other “gilded” inspirational photos I’ve been looking to as I approach this next project.

Love the rich look of this gilded, upholstered, tufted headboard next to these velvety, luxe, but simple bed linens

One of the reasons I’m now on the hunt for a set of two wing-back chairs

…and a campaign-style dresser like this

Gilded paint to accent moldings — I am drooling, and this is a favorite color blue

And last but not least, some stunning gold leaf Easter eggs. Definitely bookmarking this one for next year, especially since it’s a family tradition to preserve our blown-out, decorated Easter eggs year-to-year.

So what inspires you so much it keeps you up at night? I’d love to hear!