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Me, trendy? No.

21 Sep


I’m about the last person you’d ever call trendy. It’s kind of weird since I absolutely love clothes and magazines which tend to focus on exactly that. Instead, I buy what I like — usually at T.J Maxx or Marshal’s or more often than not, a great consignment shop. More than anything, I love a great deal, particularly on something I’ve had on my “must buy” list, like a classic winter coat or a pair of suede boots.

I think my appetite and eye for fashion and design actually developed from my love of flipping through magazines though. It’s easy to shop anywhere when I can snap up a blouse that reminds me faintly of Prada or a detailing on a shoe that smacks of Gucci.

So many years of magazine consumption results in various style inspiration moments becoming emblazoned in my memory. The one I’ve most wanted to emulate — for years now — is one of Kerri Russel in a 2009 InStyle spread:


Kerri Russell is the reason I buy tweed hats and have wanted to buy a pair of brogues (or loafers) for nearly a decade. I tore these pages out of InStyle the day the magazine arrived in the mail and knew that someday, when I had style, I’d dress like her.



It seems so silly now, but when I saw the Gucci slide trend ALL OVER THE PLACE this fall, I was immediately taken back to this spread and how much I longed to emulate this effortless look.

I think this is going to be the year I finally purchase some Gucci loafers. I’m so excited.

The Diva of Houseplants

17 Sep


For those of you reading who were in my wedding party, or more specifically, for you Staci who I probably exchanged 10,000 emails with as we planned that wedding, you might remember the traumatic maiden hair fern incident with the wedding florist.

Let me explain. I was absolutely besotted with this incredibly delicate and glorious little fern pictured above and just had to have it in my wedding flowers. I wanted it in all the bouquets as well as all the table arrangements. I provided photos for our florist.

The day of the wedding, the bouquets for the wedding party arrived and to my absolute horror, these were the “maidenhair ferns” in every single bouquet — Northern Maidenhair Fern. Because that’s a thing. I guess the countless photos I shared with our wedding florist didn’t tip her off that we might have two very different versions of this fern in mind. At the time, it was just enough to tip a bride over the edge, but now, years later, I am almost ready to laugh about it.

dangelo0765x900See above for “Northern” Maidenhair fern. #WTF

All kidding aside, as much as I butted heads with our wedding florist who wanted the freedom to explore her own artistry and snuck orange roses— not peach — as we’d discussed ad nauseum into just about every single arrangement despite my sharing that I absolutely abhor the color, I AM OVER IT. Can you tell??! I kid.

In all seriousness though, I actually laughed out loud recently as I was reading a bit more about the maidenhair fern since I was looking to buy one for our new home and read it described as “the diva of houseplants.” Of course it is. I can never choose the simple thing or the easy route. Maybe because I love a challenge. Maybe I’m the diva. Who knows.

The other (now) hilarious thing I want to remember always about this diva of a plant that I just had to have in my wedding flowers is that I saw the exact type of maidenhair fern growing with wild abandon ALL OVER HAWAII where we honeymooned immediately after said wedding. I saw it as I scaled down cliffs to get to a waterfall in Maui. It lined paths to the Queen’s Bath in Kauai. It was literally everywhere we went.

I share these little anecdotes not to bitch about how much I butted heads with our wedding florist or even to alert all the brides to be out there of the importance of verifying all genus of fern or flower if you choose to micromanage your wedding to the extent that I did.

I share this now because all these years later, I can finally laugh about it. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful, but it was also just the beginning of an even better story to come. And now I know that the maidenhair fern is the diva of houseplants.


Greek Salmon Burgers

1 Sep

FullSizeRender_3Greek Salmon Burgers, via Better Homes & Gardens magazine, May 2014

It’s become a bit of a not-so-funny joke between Brian and I that I don’t cook anymore. I used to make the time for it and enjoyed it even, but that all changed after I got pregnant a few years ago. I couldn’t bear the smell of most foods as I battled nausea and felt legless by the end of most days. Brian took over the role of “le chef” in our house and I never exactly argued.


Since moving into the new place though, despite the extraordinarily teeny size of the  kitchen workspace, I’ve been making more of an effort to try out some new recipes. Admittedly, I have an ulterior motive: I’ve been redesigning our kitchen since my first tour of the house but know that I need to really use the space before I even think about any sort of renovation. So there’s that.

I’ve also been paging through my old Martha Stewart and Better Home and Garden magazines to look for garden and home inspiration. I adore Pinterest, but I’m more old school when in comes to getting inspired. There’s nothing like settling in with a stack of magazines before Emilia’s up on a weekend morning and enjoying a cup of coffee. I just let my mind wander with ideas as I page along, sipping my brew and enjoying our beautiful garden and yard.

IMG_9134A picture as evidence of my cooking efforts (plus, I love my new apron)

Anyways, all this to say that on my most recent magazine review, I found a delicious recipe for Greek Salmon burgers and could wait to try it. I’d never chopped and processed salmon into patties before so that was really fun. And the Greek” seasoning with the cucumber yogurt was really delicious, cool and refreshing. I can’t wait to make this for guests sometime too. For now, it’s definitely getting filed in my “Tried and True” recipes binder.

You should definitely try this. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as salmon in burger form, but it really came together really nicely. Prep was quick-ish (if you can easily source the ingredients) and the flavors were total perfection.