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23 Months of Breastfeeding

24 Feb

IMG_3766snuggled in nursing on our family trip to Acadia National Park

Today is kind of a sad day but I’m taking it in stride. After 23-months of exclusive breastfeeding, my toddler has self-weaned. Earlier this morning, she snuggled up next to me in bed like she does most mornings and tried to nurse but after a moment shook her head sadly and said, “this no working” while she signed “broken.” It was shattering. It’s the end of an era.

I still have some milk coming in actually but I think we’re closing the chapter on almost 2 years of exclusive breast feeding. As much as I’ve longed for a break and to have my body back before our second child arrives late this spring, I’m finding it bittersweet.

Weaning my toddler couldn’t have been easier since I let her take the lead and wasn’t in any rush. We were down to only morning nursing session as of December with occasional nursing during the day or in the evening on very rare occurrences. Only in the last month and a half or so have I gently encouraged stretching out nursing a bit if she didn’t really seem interested in the morning. It was often as easy as asking if she wanted to go make cinnamon toast for breakfast or build a castle with her blocks.

I will share that as we passed the year and few months and then the year and a half point, I did feel a little uncomfortable sharing that I was still breastfeeding my daughter. I often rolled my eyes or made a joke about it or made to sound exasperated if it came up in conversation among family or other moms but the truth is, I am really happy to have made it well past my goal of a year.

When I remember back to how much we struggled in the beginning and how often I wanted to give up; of the pain, the bleeding, the tears, the exhaustion, the toll on my spirit and body having to respond to the grueling routine of being the sole food source in those veery early months, it feels like such an accomplishment and one I’m incredibly proud of and want to celebrate. That those dark early days and physically demanding first few months gave way to so many beautiful moments snuggling, doting on and adoring my daughter, well… I can’t begin to express my gratitude for having been lucky enough to experience them.



Loving Lately: Patterns

17 Feb

Now that I’ve got my daughter’s dollhouse completely primed inside and out, I’m looking for some fun wallpaper ideas. Since I hoard inspiration on Pinterest, I immediately turned to my “Pretty Patterns” board and oohed and ahhed over all my selections before I culled them to my favorites, above. To see the sources of each, please visit the Pinterest board.

Clearly, I’m drawn to florals. But pulling all my favorite patterns together into the above helped me realize that I’m into abstract and more organic shapes too. For example, look at the cover of that Rebecca Atwood book, Living with Pattern.  Gorgeous! That’s a coveted coffee table read I’m adding to my book wish list stat coincidentally, cough::Mother’s Day:: cough. I’ll always love anything with a Greek key or a Moroccan trellis, but this exercise opened my eyes to a softer, more feminine way of bringing in some of the more graphic patterns I’m drawn to.

I mention this because right now, the headboard that I upholstered myself just before I gave birth to my daughter, now nearly two years old, is begging for an update. I’m so glad I didn’t both with batting and plywood to make it — it’s just a cardboard template that I stapled a beautiful floral fabric to. I actually used the PotteryBarn Kids box that my daughter’s crib came it to make it. How’s that for recycling?!

Anyways, since installing some simple DIY framed Rifle Paper Co., calendar art in our room, finally potting up my faux fiddle leaf, and hanging curtains from actual curtain rods, our bedroom is starting the feel like the sanctuary I’d always envisioned. Except for that floral headboard that I’m tired of looking at.

I think an update is in order and so far, I’m thinking of a more neutral headboard with some beautiful, graphic toss pillows. Which I want to make myself of course. Hah! But I’m also considering framing out the headboard in some sort of wood to make it look a little more substantial and also bring in some natural texture to the room.

What are some home decor updates you’re itching to make? 


DIY Buffet Rehab Inspiration

14 Feb

dining-room-buffet-ideasvia Phonenix Restoration

Ages and ages ago my husband and I inherited an old dining room set from my husband’s grandmother that I’ve been dying to to rework with some new paint and hardware ever since. Inspiration struck recently when I stumbled across the above image via Phoenix Restoration (based in Seattle) of this hot pink lacquer buffet and now I’m itching to get going. Isn’t the above just gorg? I’m drooling over the styling too. Love those preppy navy and white striped shades. Hubba hubba.

As much as I adore a shot of hot pink, I’m thinking a more toned down palette that reworks the hot pink/navy blue/white/metallic gold accent will work beautifully with the overall decor scheme I’ve been working through in my head so I landed on a navy blue or blue gray tone for the piece.

After a quick Google Image Search for “navy blue buffet” followed quickly by a Pinterest search for the same, here we have my favorite inspiration photos for this project:

navy-dresser-4via Vintage Refined Decor on Etsy


Interestingly, I’d always had it in my mind that Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy would be the right choice for this project after seeing so many examples of it in rooms as we decided on paint colors for our own home, but after viewing a number of refinished wood furniture, I decided I liked a more blue-gray shade for less severity. In the photo above, the Newburyport Blue is another contenter I was really impressed with after a lot of image searching through Google. In fact, the first of the batch of the blue buffet inspo photos is actually painted with that same color. What a difference a white balanced camera setting makes and good lighting, right?

This actually brings up a really important tip to remember when you approach any painting project and that is to carefully consider (and test out) how your paint selection will look in all kinds of light situations. Luckily, our dining room where this buffet will live has two enormous windows along and the room opens to the living room which has near-all-day sunshine, so I’m not worried about the color appearing too navy.

Hooray for selecting a paint color! Now to purchase a respirator so I can paint while I’m pregnant and decide if I want to chance not sanding the piece. Oh — and hardware selection. That’s a fun part I’m excited about.

I’ll keep you posted as it rolls along.