Our Wedding

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New to the blog? Well, here’s the quick scoop. I started this blog to document our wedding planning process back in 2010, so friends and family could follow along as we planned and learn a little more about us as a couple and the meaningful little touches we integrated into our wedding day.

I planned and designed the entire visual look and feel our our wedding myself and spent thousands upon thousands of hours dreaming, thinking, researching and tweaking every last detail of our wedding and can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! I do some wedding consultation on the side for couples who need help shaping their vision right through full-wedding planning, start-to-finish.

I’ve always wanted to do something creative and with a wedding, well, the creative juices flow on overdrive. Luckily, I was a verrry early adopter to Pinterest (holla, Winter 2010!) and have happily watched the site explode since then. I will say it over and over again. I would never have been able to plan my wedding without Pinterest. I still have an active wedding inspiration board that inspired a lot of the look and feel of our wedding, too.

If you’d like to catch-up on wedding-specific posts, check out this section here which covers our experience, the DIY wedding projects, the vendors, and all that other fun stuff, from A to Z.

Pregnancy Announcement Photo1In other exciting news…we’re expecting our first child in early this spring, so posts been quite baby-focused lately!!! Maybe it’s time to re-think the blog name? Married, Baby and Style? I’ll have to work on that one. Style is general is one of my favorite things to write about and I could talk weddings 24/7, so please stay tuned. Either way — exciting things happening on the blog lately!


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