Reception Venue: The Milton Hoosic Club

It was meant to be! It was love at first site! This is the place! Cue the violins.

After months and months of touring historical estates, country clubs, and hotels we finally found a place our reception venue! We were headed home after touring Black Rock Country club in Hingham (which is lovely, btw) when Brian detoured to Milton to show me a place his parents had mentioned.  It looked like a grand private home, so we actually drove right past it initially.


It was late on a Sunday, so it was locked up pretty tight, so we parked and explored a bit out back.  The moment we saw the wrought iron terrace covered in thick Boston ivy, it was love. We peered in the windows like a pair of creeps.  When I saw the ballroom just off the terrace I started to hyperventilate.  I called from the car to schedule a visit!

The tour was just a technicality. We were already smitten, but meeting Patty Lamb, the venue coordinator, sealed the deal. She is lovely! She shared that the venue is a private, family-oriented social club with a rich + vibrant history dating back to 1891.  The walls are lined with vintage tennis team photos which gives it a really chic, slightly preppy but historical vibe. Until recently, there were tennis courts, in fact. Add to this the gorgeous ballroom with high ceilings, lots of light, beautiful French doors, and a stage for a potential band and you have it. We knew this was it.

Oh.. you’re not satisfied?  Just imagine the ballroom from Beauty and the Beast and get excited for June 9th!

photos sourced from the lovely Lian Chen |


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