I wear a lot of hats in my life. Writer. Mom. Wife. Creative person.

It gets crazy OFTEN, but I always find myself opening my laptop and writing. It’s been the constant through all the craziness. The safe haven I return to — that I MUST return to, in order to stay sane.

Brené Brown says, “We either own our stories (even the messy ones), or we stand outside of them—denying our vulnerabilities and imperfections, orphaning the parts of us that don’t fit in with who/what we think we’re supposed to be, and hustling for other people’s approval of our worthiness.”

When I started this blog in June of 2010, I was newly engaged and planning my wedding. Today I have two beautiful little girls, a husband I’ve been best friends with for the better part of a decade, and a teeny house in constant disarray. It is a completely beautiful mess that I want to own, embrace and cherish every single day.

When I chose my blog handle, I originally wanted Married TO Style, but unfortunately, a photographer parked a dead site there and hasn’t budged, so Married with Style it is. I apologize if it’s a little vain — I like to think I have a good eye, but I realize it’s a little much to scream it out. Everybody!!! Come see how good I look! (You must appreciate a good Anchorman reference if we are to be friends here.)

My goals for MWS are to share inspiration and design I love with a focus on my favorite things: beautiful home goods, fashion, food, DIY, entertaining, and snippets of my married life with two kids.

If the mood strikes, find me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

When I’m not typing away or caring for my girls, I’m usually:

Taking photos. I did my first solo photo shoot back in 2008, for a W.B Mason sales catalog. There were costumes and props and  4 AM call times and it was incredible.  I’ve been taking pictures since I was a teenager, but branched out to maternity, engagement shoots and weddings in 2014. I  love working with families, couples, and especially children. I could style and shoot and pose and cajole smiles all day, everyday.

Styling weddings. Pinch me!! Because this is basically a dream come true!! I was hired to plan my first wedding by a lovely couple out in Cleveland, Ohio in the fall of 2013. I planned every last detail of my own 2012 wedding and loved every second of it. It was featured on Style Me Pretty here if you want to take a peek. From dreaming up the black and white-striped theme with touches of spring green and pinks, to actually designing the menus, programs, and seating cards in Photoshop, to personalizing our appetizers by choosing meaningful favorites, designing our wedding combined all my favorite things: entertaining, food, and beautiful decor.

Feel free to reach out if you’re at the beginning of your planning. I love to help with creative direction, but I am NOT a wedding planner. Think of me as a wedding stylist. 

Here’s the inspiration board I pulled together to share with our florist and other vendors:

Wedding Design
Being Active. I love going to the gym, yoga, Pilates, barre class, spinning, running…all of it. I recently started to train for a triathlon. “Move your body, move your mind” is my most important personal mantra, right after Mr. Roger’s three ways for ultimate success: “The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” Gotta get oxygen to those brain cells. I think more clearly when I start the day with a little sweat and make time for movement no matter what, though I’m definitely partial to the the balancing aspects of Pilates and the transformative nature of yoga.

Got another question for me? Want to know all the dirty secrets? Ha! Only my husband and best girlfriends know those guys, come on! But seriously, if you want to know more, check out my Digging Lately, Five Things, or Annual Q + A series to learn more.

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