Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Co-Workers (female edition)

gift guide for co-workers by marriedwithstyle

When I shop for co-workers, I try to imagine the everyday indulgences that would brighten the dreariest of Mondays. So I love to gift elevated versions of basic office supplies, like a pretty “To Do List” note pad, an illustrated calender, or beautiful file folders. Things they see every day.  In the past I’ve gifted cute lunch bags along with gift cards to favorite local restaurants. Another time I gave my favorite hand cream and a gift certificate for a lunchtime manicure near our office. I like to keep it simple and practical and love “paired” gifts like this, for something a little different.

If you work in advertising (or anywhere that celebrates happy hour!) a gorgeous decanter and a pair of double old-fashioned glasses is as Mad Men as it gets. Add a bottle of Scotch and you’ve made someone’s Christmas! As a beauty product lover, I love to gift small makeup bags filled with “office touch-up essentials,” like powder, mascara and lip gloss. And for those networking events, I love a pretty little metallic business card holder. Hope some of these ideas inspire you to spoil your office mates with something indulgent this year!


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