I once read that unfinished projects can be a major energy drain — and I believe it! As excited as I feel about my various projects, I often feel like my “To Do” list is absolutely endless and that can’t put a dent in it since I’m constantly adding new inspirations.

In an effort to prioritize and focus my creative endeavors, I’m testing out a new digital organization system and will share monthly project lists to keep myself on track. This Projects page will serve as a master repository for ALL my projects.

– Instagram Coasters
– Annual Shutterfly calendars

Finish Wedding Photo Albums
(in-law, parents, ours)
– 2 Lily Pulitzer albums (summer pics?)
– Print best 20 photos for Hawaii photo album
– Re-do leather photo album with all-time favorites
– Grandparent’s photo book (Emilia pics)
– Great-grandparent’s photo book (Emilia pics)

Think About

– Annual photo books vs printed albums


– Tea towel recipe art
– Kitchen cookbook art


Upgrade computer hard-drives so I can finally update and backup
Install new operating system
– Install Lightroom
– Take a Lightroom course
– Research photo management/archiving solutions


– Get kitchen-organized:

pull everything our of the kitchen and clean-out
find a space for everything
jar organization/labeling system

– Find a shelf system for the horribly underutilized wall-space in kitchen
– Install that Ikea rod/storage system in the kitchen
Hang tea cup rack, black shelving, and tea holder

Dining Room

– Pull everything from the buffet sideboard and assess
– Look for some china cabinet alternatives
– Look for dining room set re-furb ideas, including recovering chair upholstery
Finish framed photo collages (Hawaii, Italy)


– Refinish nightstands
– Refinish headboard
– New bedding (?)
– Need art for over the bed

– Re-think the office layout; try a smaller desk maybe
– Need a more comfortable office chair

Living Room
– Clean out the wall-unit
– Think about a new coffee table and side-table(s)
– Need a new couch – maybe a sectional
– Research Persian rugs

General Clutter Control/Maintenance

– Remove all non-current magazines from our living space
– Unsubscribe to magazines we no longer want
– Resuscitate all dying house plants


– Find more attractive trash barrels for the bedroom, office and bathroom

Wedding Projects
DIY Church Pew Cones + Flowers
Wedding Postcards

Art Projects

Important Dates wall art
“READ” bookshelf wood block

Holiday Projects
Christmas Gallery Wall
DIY Printable Halloween Banner

Commemorative Photo Glitter Bottle Project

Re-vive wedding ivy topiaries
Gallery Wall

Kitchen cookbook art
Cookbook holder project
Bow tie onesies
Wedding Scrapbook
Honeymoon Scrapbook
Birthday calendar project
“Quote” calendar project
Re-finish night stands
Annual Baby Questions scrapbook
Graphic map art of NYC, Italy, Boston
Sequin Table Runner
Gold polka dot burlap table runner
Bon Appetite napkins
Baby receiving blankets
Lavender closet/drawer sachets
“Namaste, bitches” tote bag
“I like big books…” tote bag
Jewelry roll sewing project
Lingerie travel bag
Modern crosses quilt project – (1st quilt I’m attempting!)
Tabletop lighting studio
Memory journal for my sister (on-going)
Photo album for Skylar
Pattern-making with Dores
Re-furb trash bin with “Recycle”
Baby details wall art for friends
“C” photo art
Leaf art project
Instagram Print project
Fabric storage box project
“Love” pillow project
DIY sequin pillows
Gold leaf ampersand art
Re-furb head board
Re-furb desk
Re-upholster dining room set
Re-design wine-bar with wine glass holder
Magazine rack DIY
Distressed window-pane photo project

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