How to: Digitally Organize and Prioritize Projects

Project Organization System for Creative Types/ a few of the many places I stash ideas + inspirations for projects /

I think a lot of creative types tend to inundate themselves with ideas for projects without any systematic plan for prioritizing and approaching them. Writing about those kitchen stools the other day reminded me that I should probably resuscitate my monthly “To Do” list (first posted back in February of last year — ack!) and turn it into a monthly series to keep me on track and accountable. But first, I need to get organized. I tend to jot notes for project ideas EVERYWHERE which only adds to this chaos, so I want to establish a new process for organizing and tackling them.

how to_blue

First, since I’ll always be a paper-lover at heart, I’ll still scribble ideas as inspiration strikes (or type them into the “Notes” App on my iPhone), but I’ll use Evernote solely to organize them. Then I’ll post to a Master List on a dedicated page here on the blog for a peek at what is on the horizon. Each month, I’ll share my prioritized monthly project list and hopefully stay on track with all the projects I want to cross off my list. Woo woo!

Here’s a sample of what was leftover from that February post, plus some items that have been floating around in my mind to accomplish this summer:


– Upgrade computer hard-drives so I can finally update and backup
– Create a usable office space for working from home
– Buy an AC window unit for the office
– Find a blog post ideas organization/schedule solution


– Print best 20 photos for Hawaii photo album
– Decide on a photo management and storage solution
– Instagram Coasters
– Finish Wedding Photo Albums
– Decide about making annual photo books
– Annual Shutterfly calendars
– Kitchen cookbook art
– Tea towel recipe art


– Get kitchen-organized:

pull everything our of the kitchen and clean-out
find a space for everything
jar organization/labeling system

– Find a shelf system for the horribly underutilized wall-space in kitchen
– Install that Ikea rod/storage system in the kitchen
– Hang tea cup rack, black shelving, tea holder, and fruit basket

Dining Room

– Pull everything from the buffet sideboard and assess
– Look for some china cabinet alternatives
– Look for dining room set re-furb ideas, including recovering chair upholstery
– Finish framed photo collages (Hawaii, Italy)


– Refinish nightstands
– Refinish headboard
– New bedding (?)
– Need art for over the bed

– Re-think the office layout; try a smaller desk maybe
– Need a more comfortable office chair

Living Room
– Clean out the wall-unit
– Think about a new coffee table and side-table(s)

General Clutter Control/Maintenance

– Remove all non-current magazines from our living space
– Unsubscribe to magazines we no longer want
– Resuscitate all dying house plants


– Find more attractive trash barrels for the bedroom, office and bathroom

Phew, I’m amped up and exhausted all at the same time. So that’s a taste of what’s on my monster “To Do” list right now. Stay tuned for a cleaned up version of my “July To Do” list series start next week!



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