February To Do’s


We fought the urge to hibernate under piles of blankets and clean out the DVR and had a relaxing and productive long weekend just getting stuff done. We even braved the city chill and went to this hilarious Nick Offerman show in Boston (my Valentine’s gift to the hubs). It’s so nice to have an entire expanse of weekend to just catch up on life every once in a while.

While I’m thinking about it, here’s my off-the-cuff list of house/life projects we’re tackling in February:

– Finish our wedding album (!!!)
– Upgrade computer hard-drives so we have space to upload our 1000+ Hawaii pics
– Find a shelf system for that horribly underutilized wall-space in kitchen
– Install that Ikea rod/storage system in the kitchen
– Get kitchen-organized:
find spots for the new gadgets, pots, dishes
jar organization/labeling system
– Think about a china cabinet alternate option
– Find more attractive trash barrels for the bedroom, office and bathroom
Those plastic Target-cheapies are eye sores
– Find some new bedroom curtains
– Re-think the office layout; try a smaller desk maybe?
– Re-think what we’re storing in our living room wall-unit
– Remove all non-current magazines from our living space
– Resuscitate all dying house plants
– Prepare for our Oscar’s party
– All unused totes to the basement for storage

Such a snooze-fest, I know. But I feel guilty putting any fun projects like a night table refurb on here when we’re still so much in the “clean up + clean out” stage of getting life-oganized. Soon though! And this is hardly a comprehensive list—that’s what Evernote* is for—but it’s a place to start. That’s half the battle, right??

*If you haven’t tried Evernote before and love making lists, you should check it out. It’s my favorite web/phone-based organizational tool and saves me from toting around heaps of post-it’s, printed recipes, and paper scrap lists.


  1. You are going to clear out ALL but the current magazines in your apartment? I would be rather impressed! I think ever since I’ve known you, you’ve have an extensive magazine collection, haha 🙂

    1. I didn’t say throw out! I’ll keep them boxed up until I can one day unpack and store them a la Carrie’s apartment on Sex and the City. In all their archived glory!

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