Halloween 2017 Costume Reveal

21 Oct

I’ll admit it, I haven’t been a huge fan of family themed costumes until recently. Specifically, until I saw Moana this past winter. The movie quickly became Emilia’s favorite so it was basically decided what we’d be doing for Halloween this year. My goal was to make it happen on a budget, so I’ve been


10 Fall Activities to Do With Your Active Toddler in New England

16 Oct

FullSizeRender 18I claim that every season in New England is my favorite, but fall might just be my favorite. The golden light, the foliage, the decor, the baked goods, and the style potential…? It checks all the boxes for me!

Here are the top 10 activities we have on our fall bucket list:

  1. A trip to the pumpkin patch. It’s an annual tradition to visit with one of my best friends from college and its amazing to see how our families have grown through the years.
  2. Nature scavenger collection. No matter the season, a daily walk is on our to do list and a snap to keep a toddler entertained if you provide a bucket for treasure collection. In the fall, it’s usually acorns, pinecones, sticks, pretty leaves, and dried seed heads.
  3. Pumpkin bread baking. Emilia loves helping me bake and starting her young has helped teach her precision and patience. Me too!
  4. Mosiac paper plate pumpkin. My toddler absolutely loves any crafts involving a glue stick and handling the small pieces of paper is great for developing fine motor skills.
  5. Go on a hayride. I don’t think there are many vehicles my toddler doesn’t love, from tractors to garbage trucks to air planes so this is a must for her.
  6. Decorate the house. From stick-on window decals to helping plant mums, there is so much learning potential with little tasks like these.
  7. Paint a pumpkin and compost the pumpkin guts. Emilia loves to check out the worms when we turn the compost heap. She has her own little gardening gloves and trowel and loves to plant seeds. Oh the learning!
  8. Visit the park to check out the foliage. The days are numbered before the temperature really drops, so we’re getting our fill of outdoor fun before we have to really bundle up.
  9. Apple taste test. You never know what’s going to taste good until you try. We talk about the flavor differences and see what can be improved with a dusting of cinnamon. You can then graduate to providing different “dips” and toppings. We like almond butter sprinkled with chia seeds and cottage cheese with a little maple syrup.
  10. Stuff a scare crow. As you work, it provides a great opportunity to practice naming anatomy and pieces of clothing as well as thinking creatively. What can we use for a head? What would make good eyes? (Think: a pumpkin, sticks and acorns, etc)

    I’d love to hear some of your favorite fall activities. Is there anything you do that is specific to where you live, kid-friendly or otherwise? 

Emilia, Lately

15 Oct

IMG_5484This is my favorite age to date. I love seeing E’s personality developing on a daily basis, from her sense of humor, to her imagination, to her empathy. Every day, her vocabulary grows and she blows me away with her memory. Her ability to follow directions and make connections is also mind-boggling. I’ll be a very sad to see her sentence structure smooth out and her pronunciation improve so I thought I should capture some of my favorite “Emilia-isms” while they’re still fresh in my mind. She is already pronouncing “Caroline” with more fluidity than when we brought her sister home three months ago, and it just about kills me…

From the mouths of babes:

“You no look my mama” said to me in the saddest voice everrrr, complete with pouty, sad lips and large, actual tear-filled eyes one afternoon after she woke from her nap while I was doing a face mask.

Now you clap for me!” – After putting on any performance of her repertoire of songs. Lately it’s: Bah Bah Black Sheep, Mary Had a Little Lamb, London Bridge, and I’m a Little Tea Pot.

Can I have some toilet paper, meow meow.” – I absolutely killed myself the first time she did this. I know it’s from Daniel Tiger, but my mind went straight to Super Troopers. I don’t want to ever forget the mischievous look in her eyes when she did this the next time knowing I’d crack up. Her sense of humor is so great.

“NO! But I don’t want to change my PJS, they’re so comfy/cozy!”

“MAMA YOU CAME BACK!!!” [Usually said while running to me with her arms outstretched.] These are the moments that remind me: Oh yea, THIS is why I wanted kids. This is the best.

Pronunciation + Phrasing

– Eee-ce Cream [ice cream]
– Yunch. [Lunch]
– I yuv my samily [I love my family]
– Co-see [Coffee]
– Bidge [like garbage] – the bidge” is the trash can but then there is also the “Bidge truck.”
– Yiddle [Little]; Can I have a yiddle bit of Daniel??
– 1…2…3…6…7…8…9…10…11…12
– I had SO MUCH SUN! [fun]
– You a good cooker, Mama.
– I yuv when you give me a spesal [special] treat, Mama. 

Other favorite mannerisms

– [Puts a little fist to her lips and pauses to clear her throat] Ahem
– Pretty consistently will sneeze into her inner elbow
Can I have a medium sized snack please? [After I ordered my coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive through]
– Sings whatever Daniel Tiger song is appropriate in any situation:

Let’s find out what’s special at night…”
[while walking home after watching the sunset together]

Taking care of you makes me happy too!”
[After getting me a tissue when I sneezed]

Stomp three times…. [stomps] and you’ll feel better.
[Does this constantly because, well, ALL THE FEELINGS lately.]


  • Can walk down stairs without a railing
  • Completely potty trained, including though the night
  • Climbs in and out of her carseat herself and buckles herself in
  • Attended her first drop-off play group session and absolutely loved it
  • Can dress herself with minimal assistance

Misc. Things to Remember

  • When she recounted an entire episode of Daniel Tiger to my mom as if it had happened to her. The episode was about Daniel visiting Grandpere and sleeping over in a sleeping bag and included something about Daniel feeling left out. Emilia changed the story to “PaPa playing with her so she wouldn’t feel left out. [My mom asked me how the weekend in CT had been to which I replied: What are you talking about?! And then I pieced it all together.]
  • When she taught C all the sign language she knows when we were on a walk and I had both girls squeezed in sharing the bassinet attachment after E decided she no longer wanted to walk anymore.