Garden Update: Poppies

I’ve discovered the most stunning shade of poppy I’ve EVER seen and have to share. The variety is called “Princess Victoria Louise” and can be grown without too much effort from seed, starting in the spring. Considering how much I love a subdued green/white palette in the garden, these will really POP with little to no effort on my part. My packet of 200 seeds is already on its way.

Something I’m coming to really appreciate as I continue to plan out and put in our garden —and in fact, just what I’m learning through trial and error— are the hearty, no-fuss plants. There is enough to do in maintaining a garden and while it’s incredibly enjoyable for me to muck around as I please, fussy plants that need “dry feet” and constant deadheading are quickly becoming the bane of my existence. Poppies (seeds) can basically be pitched wherever the hell you want in the garden and basically just left alone. You should give them a try if you’re looking for a pretty spring show with minimal effort.


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