Me, trendy? No.


I’m about the last person you’d ever call trendy. It’s kind of weird since I absolutely love clothes and magazines which tend to focus on exactly that. Instead, I buy what I like — usually at T.J Maxx or Marshal’s or more often than not, a great consignment shop. More than anything, I love a great deal, particularly on something I’ve had on my “must buy” list, like a classic winter coat or a pair of suede boots.

I think my appetite and eye for fashion and design actually developed from my love of flipping through magazines though. It’s easy to shop anywhere when I can snap up a blouse that reminds me faintly of Prada or a detailing on a shoe that smacks of Gucci.

So many years of magazine consumption results in various style inspiration moments becoming emblazoned in my memory. The one I’ve most wanted to emulate — for years now — is one of Kerri Russel in a 2009 InStyle spread:


Kerri Russell is the reason I buy tweed hats and have wanted to buy a pair of brogues (or loafers) for nearly a decade. I tore these pages out of InStyle the day the magazine arrived in the mail and knew that someday, when I had style, I’d dress like her.



It seems so silly now, but when I saw the Gucci slide trend ALL OVER THE PLACE this fall, I was immediately taken back to this spread and how much I longed to emulate this effortless look.

I think this is going to be the year I finally purchase some Gucci loafers. I’m so excited.


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