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Book Lovers by Emily Henry

After a good run earlier this year, my reading habit took a sharp nosedive recently. This tends to happen when I don’t queue up something I’m excited about so I proactively started crowdsourcing recommendations and finished the ACOTAR series in record time just before we went to Disney. GUYS. Wow wow wow. These books. THESE BOOKS. My journey with them has been bumpy so I have a lot of thoughts, but let me just say, I wasn’t sure I was going to keep doing with the series after the first book, then I flew through the second and subsequent books and am now impatiently awaiting Sarah J. Maas’ next release in the series. I am so attached and invested in the characters in this story. Without giving too much away, let me just say: sexy fairies. It’s Young Adult, but if my children read these books as teens, I would be blushing. They’re racy. But all the sexy stuff aside, the characters are FUN. I’m looking at you Cassian and Mor. These books stuck with me in a way few have in a long time. Loved them. Need more of them. Want to discuss them with all my friends. So if you are reading this, please read and talk to me about these ASAP. Thanks.

I had a very hard time moving on from this series. I almost started the Crescent City series by the same author, but I hesitated since a series like this is a huge commitment and we are headed into my favorite time of year. Not that I can’t read fantasy in the fall and winter, but I like to subtly align my reading with different seasonal “moods” if you will. In the fall I love faintly cozy and comfy books. Stuff set in England maybe. About people who like reading perhaps while sipping on tea. A lot of the time it’s historical fiction but more and more it’s just fun fiction.

Which brings me to Book Lovers by Emily Henry. I should have had this on my list sooner because I absolutely loved her People We Meet on Vacation, but this was such a fun, unexpected favorite. I must have highlighted half the book; so many beautiful passages worth calling out. I’ll throw them in a future post if anyone is interested. I rolled my eyes through the first 50 pages which read like a cringe-y Hallmark movie script, but if you can get past them, it pleasantly surprised me with its depth. I was there for something easy and fun and mindless, but it was more than that.

We watched Great Gerwig’s Little Women finally recently and THAT is another one that really stayed with me. I don’t think I ever read the book growing up, but it feels very hyggelig so I might add that to my stack.

Anything you’re reading and loving? I’d love to add to my list.


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