Happy 29th Birthday my love!

I’d like to jump in on the blog here to celebrate a very special day. Someone turns 29 today…. and she is so great about celebrating others birthdays (like mine), so I wanted to write up a little photo post to celebrate how fantastic she is.

 Happy Birthday to a one-of-a-kind person, my beautiful wife Wendy!



You are so talented, smart, and creative with a knack for finding the beauty in everything. Your sense of style and design is obvious in the way you dress, decorate, and your overall taste.



You are such a kind and considerate friend, daughter and sister, giving so much of yourself to so many people that you love.




You possess a fantastic sense of humor, always laughing and making every experience so much more fun.




For all of us that love you, you make our lives infinitely better just by being in it.



You have prevailed through a year full of ups and downs. You are a stubborn, determined individual and don’t even know how strong you are. You are looking out on a great future, with amazing places to go. It is the greatest pleasure of my life to be able to go through the life by your side. You are a caring partner and you bring joy to my life everyday. And our journey has only just begun!


Thank you for being you. Happy 29th Birthday, and may the next year be as special as you are!

I love you!!

-Your husband


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