Oh, Brother

IMG_2113Kevin is not impressed with Times SquareIMG_2146_2savoring the moment
IMG_2187sad he didn’t get the enchiladas
IMG_2333a good sport when I want to do this on the subway

My not-so-little brother is 25 today. It’s a family joke at this point that Kevin hates being photographed. But as I laughed HARD at those pictures I have managed to snap over the years, I was reminded of what I love most about my little brother. He cracks me up.

I’d been watching the news last Friday around 1 AM when I got a text: “Are you OK??!!” Of course he’d be up. The marathon bombers had led a chase to Watertown and were engaged in a shoot-out just across the Charles, not miles from my house. Every news station warned residents to stay in their homes, stay away from windows, and not open the door for anyone. As if that wasn’t scary enough, there was news of grenades and additional bombs in town. I was absolutely losing my mind I was so scared. I was alone.

I swear, the next text after I told Kevin that, he texted back: “I’m in Waltham!” He’d snuck as close to the perimeter of town as he could get and would creep closer and closer to my house for the next two hours. Tuning into the police radio and sneaking nearer each time the police altered their perimeter. I’d done a shot just to calm my nerves, but nothing prepared me for the horror of walking out to meet him. I peeked my head out the door as if I had some actual chance at spotting danger, but couldn’t make myself cross the threshold. After abandoning my crutches and wildly gesturing to Kevin, playing on his phone, he spotted me and calmly hopped out of the truck to meet me as carelessly as if it were the last day of school. As I threw myself into his front seat and screamed “Step on it” and slouched down to avoid potential gunfire, he started killing himself laughing. The tension lessened by the second from there and when we pulled up to safety at our mom’s, the morning seemed like a bad memory.

That is my brother. He’s the kind of person who sneaks into a town on lock-down to rescue his sister. Truly doesn’t think it’s a big deal. And makes you laugh.

To the best brother in the whole world, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I love you very much.

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  1. We’re so blessed. He is hilarious and loyal and kind. Most of all though, he is the most loving person. I love your story Wendy!

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