Baby style

With so many pregnant friends, it’s not hard to get excited imagining our own turn. I ASSURE you there isn’t a bun in the oven, but will confess to culling together baby-related nursery inspiration. And there may be a list of baby names we like saved on my phone. When the time comes, I think we’ll be ready.  30ff16f7d1f2596584e4fa47828cf4c3butterfly mobile envy + black and white portraits amore
13f896657fd8104404bf1443b382a9f9serene blues +  greys + that alphabet quilt!!! 200f3adf24bd9aba0c9470619b8de605that rainbow rug! that pennant! those little chairs! happy vibes.
d51842fd1c86bf1271d891cab53ac827so bright and cheery—if I was an artist in Brooklyn, I feel like this would be my baby’s nursery


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