New “lease” on life

After a LOT of consideration we have decided to stay put in our apartment for one more year.  Ultimately we want to buy a house yesterday  but we know that home ownership isn’t something you just rush into, so our plan is to focus on cleaning out, sprucing up, and re-arranging the furniture we have while we learn all about the home-buying process over the next few months.

So far Brian has moved the couch and we have slowly but surely made a dent in putting away the wedding gifts taking up our sun-room and dining room, but we have so much to do it’s overwhelming. The other day, I read a great housekeeping tip that if you cannot find a “home” for something, chances are, you don’t really need it. If we had cabinets and counter space in our kitchen maybe this wouldn’t be a problem, but just putting things away is tricky!

When that frustration stresses me out, I like to focus on the fun part: decorating!!! Over the weekend, I finally got around to making this “important dates” art (above). SO EASY. I won’t even bother to take your through a tutorial. I hardly even needed to open Photoshop for it (I did anyway). It has out birth dates, that fateful Saturday we both worked at WB Mason, our engagement date, and our wedding date.  I am a little bit obsessed with it.


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