Three Months!

We’re a little late getting this update up, but my excuse is that we had a really great weekend. We caught up on life on Friday and Saturday, then spent a beautiful, crisp early-fall day at a baptism and party for our lovely friends Casey & Chuck. Then, since we were on the South Shore, we met up with our friends Anna and Pat’s to catch up and open one last wedding gift. It was perfect.

Holding Lainey for the first time was indescribable. I think we all wished, hoped, and prayed for her right along with Casey and Chuck so it was a big deal to finally meet the product of so much love. She is absolutely precious.But seeing Brian hold her……made me melt. He was like the baby whisperer. She started snoozing as soon as his arms settled around her. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Oh oh.

Soooo, here is hoping that we didn’t drink too much Kool-Aid this weekend!

xoxo, W + B


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