Fun ways to address holiday cards


I’ve always loved hand-lettering. I did some of my best work on my science and math book covers in high school in fact. Today I make better use of my skills to hand-address holiday card envelopes with beautiful lettering for family and friends. One of my favorite new tricks this year is using a white colored pencil on red envelopes., similar to the example above — just inverted.

We’re probably going to print address labels this year just to simplify because of the baby, but for the few I do by hand myself, here are a few of the samples that are inspiring me:

Holiday card addressing inspiration

(1/2) Love this mix of modern, embellished and flourished calligraphy and (3) mod, graphic hand-drawn lettering

Holiday hand lettering inspiration

(4) Love this haphazard, wild look, like a kid learning calligraphy and (5) very soft, loopy cursive —so delicate and feminine.

Little Book of Lettering

If you’re looking for even MORE inspiration, check out my design board on Pinterest or pick up this beautiful book, Little Book of Lettering. It’s filled with gorgeous ideas that are sure to inspire you. Heck, even this cover is giving me a million ideas.

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