Something old (& blue!)

A few posts ago I wrote about the origins of various wedding traditions (here) but haven’t yet shared my own “something old, something new…” etc. Since I actually just decided on one of these items today, I wanted to share!!

Note: This is just a sample; these aren’t my initials or our date!

Since something old traditionally represents the bride’s link to her family and the past, I decided to have my maiden-name initials embroidered onto a grosgrain ribbon and sewn into my wedding gown along with our wedding date.

But the most exciting part?

It can be done in BLUE! Since something blue is intended to be a symbol of the love, fidelity, and purity of the bride, it seems perfect that my maiden initials, (essentially my identity these last 27 years) be embroidered in blue to represent me and sewn into the wedding gown I’ll wear when I go from Miss to Mrs!!

Brides-to-be, J.Crew offers this here  for a really good price, if you’re interested!

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