Memory Keeping Goals for 2016

Memory keeping is something I stress over daily. I journal, blog, snap photos and record video, but I feel a constant anxiety about not doing enough with all this content. I’m constantly Googling for creative ideas for what to do with all my videos and pictures and landed on two video-specific apps I plan to make more use of in 2016.

This app edits together short little videos for you. Just select your video clips and photos and choose from a few themes and then select your music, and in about three minutes, this app will create your video.

Here are a few of my favorites so far:

1 Second Everyday
I’ve been toying with downloading this app since it first launched in 2013, and regret not having done it sooner. The idea is simple: record one second of your life, everyday. At the end of a year, you have a 5-minute snapshot of what you did that year. Amazing!

Creator Cesar Kuriyama first conceived of his app after he quit his job took a year off to travel. To remember the year, he recorded one second every day and after only six weeks of it, realized he’d keep it up for the rest of his life. He credits the habit of recording even mundane, everyday things as inspiration to shake things up and live a life worth remembering. I love that.

Here’s to more productive memory-keeping in 2016!


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