Wedding colors, inspiration, etc

When you become engaged, the first questions friends + family usually ask are “Have you picked a date?” and “What are your wedding colors?”

It took us ages to choose both, but planning out the look and feel has been SO FUN that it’s killing us not to share, so here are some teasers:

Clockwise l-r: If our wedding was a bedroom, it might look something like this; beautiful, playful typography like this slays me!; we want to be prettily prepared for rain; but want to embrace spring & nature with lots of greens:

Osa Johnson’s beautiful book I Married Adventure  inspired me too, and will be starring in some day-of wedding shots, which we’re totally thrilled about!
But you can’t overdo it with as graphic and masculine a choice as black & white stripes without bringing in some shots of something feminine and pretty, like vibrant raspberry pink and lots of frilly, slightly undone texture, à la peonies:

So there you have it! Without giving too much away, I present to you our wedding inspiration! Hope you like as much as we do!


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