Miss Congeniality-inspired Movie Quote Art

Movie Quote Art

Thought I’d take a break from 24/7 Christmas and share another quick little DIY art idea I was inspired to make tonight.

I’ve always loved Sandra Bullock but developed an extra special place in my heart for her after reading her sister Gesine’s book, Confessions of a Closet Master Baker. Miss Congeniality is one my all-time favorite movies. It’s like Father of the Bride in that, if it’s on TV, I cannot turn it off. I’m watching it for the night. (I own it.)

It’s on right now and one of my favorite moments just happened. “Gracie” just realized the pageant crown must be rigged with something and rambles on, gesturing wildly to her head, miming a crown. Michael Cain mistakes this for delayed excitement for the winner’s announcement and hilariously says, “That’s it. Wear the crown. Be the crown. You are the crown.

It always makes me laugh so I was decided to make a little Miss Congeniality-inspired movie quote art for my office as well as some prints for my friend Stacey. I’ll probably make another using another one of my favorites: “You think I’m gorgeous. You wanna date me.” I bet they’d be so cute on some note cards too. I haven’t done that since like 2008, when I made some note cards to gift to a friend using some favorite Sex & the City quotes like “hello, lover.” Might be time to bring that one back!

To download the free 8.5 x 11 pdf, click here.

* Sidenote: Great book and perfect for baking-obsessed friends or family. I think “Sandy” became even more endearing for me because I loved her sister Gesine so much! And she sweetly described little things her sister had done to help launch her bakery in VT. I love sisterly affection.


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