Hair 101: Retro Glam Curls

As much as I love Carrie’s signature wild spiral curls on Sex and the City, one of my all-time-favorite SJP looks has to be brushed out, retro-glam waves. It’s an effortless look that actually require quite a bit of effort ironically. Particularly for someone like Sarah with naturally very wavy hair because you first have to blow the hair out then style with rollers. I especially love how modern this looks with the straighter roots and it just gets better after you’ve slept on it. I love hair that I only have to style once! This is a great look to try for a Saturday night, then stretch through to Sunday and maybe even Monday (with a little dry shampoo)!

how to_blue

1. Starting with freshly washed hair, apply volumizing mousse to the roots before you blow dry smooth using a round brush to lift at the roots and a flat brush from below the ears, down. *You’ll have to switch back and forth every few minutes.

2. Apply a quarter-size blob of curl cream to hair from the length starting at the ears, down, avoiding the roots. Curl cream helps the curls to set and hold.

3. Taking 2-inch sections, roll hair onto curlers, stopping around the cheekbone area and clipping.

4. Let cool completely, then gently remove and brush. Spray with a light hold hair spray.


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