Link Love

Link Love-1

1. Updated FAQs about sunscreen. (
You know I am crazed when it comes to protecting my skin.

2. What your bedtime says about you (

3. Love this charming eyelet top spring. (

4. 13 Skin secrets used by Beauticians (
I’ve been user toner every morning this week and am totally convinced now. My skin is looking much better.

5. New book app “Rooster,” like Netflix for books. (

6. These Kendra Scott “Skylar” earrings are stunning. (

7. Amy Adams’ arm workout can be done anywhere. (

8. 73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker. (
I hate orange too, SJP! And now having seen your gorgeous, effortly decorated home, you are officially my ultimate style icon.

9. Kelly Oxford’s budget-friendly office decor tips. (


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