Project Inspiration: Inspired by Oh Joy for Land of Nod

oh joy dotted glow lamp
You know I love a good DIY but I also recently started a new love affair with lighting. More specifically, with lamps. I never realized how crucial they are to warming up a space and considering how hideous (and lacking) our overhead lighting is at home, I wish I’d realized this sooner. Nevertheless, it all began when I thrifted a yellow lamp from a little thrift shop up in Maine. I just swapped out the shade for a bright white barrel shade I picked up at Target and ta-dah! A gorgeous new source of light in our living room that very conveniently ties into a planter we bought we we first moved in together, (adorned with Brian’s favorite symbol ever…the fleur de lis)!

Anyways, one of my favorite design bloggers, Joy Cho, recently collaborated with the Land of Nod on a sweet, quirky collection of home-wares for the stylish child and it’s all gorgeous. Naturally! Check out the collection here. I don’t have any need for children’s bedding or nursery art right now, but I’m filing this little paint-dipped metallic lamp away for a future DIY project. Possibly for my bedroom, even. It’s be easy enough to re-create using either a metallic-based lamp or any lamp spray-painted with some metallic gold paint, then taped off with some frog tape for that “dipped” look. I’d use some milky chalk paint in a lilac or soft teal or sea foam blue, I think. Then the fun begins with hunting for a shade! Easy peasy.

la-piñaThis pineapple print, however, this needs to come home with me. I love the pineapple motif because it’s a symbol of hospitality and we do love to entertain! Also, it reminds me of our honeymoon in Hawaii where a LOT of pineapple consumption occurred.  I think it would tie in really nicely with that lamp and planter I was just telling you about actually…


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