Baby Girl Clothing Spree

Baby Girl Clothes from Target

Now that I know we’re having a baby girl, it’s like a whole new pregnancy! I’m still planning to finish the blue and white striped baby blanket I started weeks ago since I made it for the baby and absolutely love the shade of blue I chose—stereotypes be dammed—but will admit that I did finally allow myself a bit of a baby girl clothing spree last Friday night, solo; then again over the weekend with Brian.



So many people have commented that our child will probably be dressed to the nines (and that we’ll probably go broke because girl’s stuff is just so irresistible) but I was surprised by my restraint…and how little I managed to spend by strategically shopping off-season and clearance. What did surprise me was how much I favored pastels, minty greens, and patterns over the typical girlie pink stuff! Very interested to see how baby girl’s closet looks a year from now.

Anyways, my first stop was Marshall’s, followed by Target where I totally cleaned up. I opted for larger sizes like 3-6 months, but did pick-up a few newborn items, like a mint green onesie with a tutu for newborn photos and a striped onesie with a pink rosette to possibly bring her home in! Then Brian and I hit Baby Gap after celebrating the baby and the house over crepes and a frozen Nutella hot chocolate at one of our favorite spots, Paris Creperie, in Brookline. Our big find at Baby Gap was a super soft, hooded bear suit that we can use in March/April while the temps are still chilly. I’m pretty sure I’ve had something similar pinned onto my “Baby Style” Pinterest board for almost four years now so it’s amazing to finally have a reason to buy it!

10153832_850252091184_994907682189305780_nThe meal was delicious and fun, but I think my heart melted a thousand times watching him shop for ruffled dresses as I poked through a stack of onesies!!


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