My new decluttering strategy

source: desire to inspire
My apartment, or I should say — the clutter taking over my apartment — has driven me to make some quick and drastic changes recently. I’m a sentimental person by nature but also practical and creative which is to say that I like to hoard things that could someday be useful to me. This is also the reason I love yard sales, thrifting, and trash day. I can’t count how many chairs, desks, and dressers have come into my life as potential projects over the years.

The problem is that these “projects” are piled up all around me in their chipped and unfinished states and drain me both emotionally AND physically. They’re a constant reminder of my ever-growing To Do list which causes stress, but they also physically crowd me and waste my time as I search for things, so I’ve been re-assessing everything in my path lately using the simplest question: Does this bring me joy? 

So simple. The too-big shoes I spent so much on but never wear. The cookbooks I’ve never cracked open. The beauty products I’ve never used. At some point, these things may have excited me with their newness or potential, but they don’t bring me joy anymore. In fact, in many cases these things clutter my life and make it impossible for me to enjoy the things that do bring me joy so you can imagine how freeing it is to cleanse myself of them.

It’s amazingly lightening. Since I started to clean out, I’ve slept more soundly and found myself devoting more time to the things I do love — like reading and teaching myself to play a new instrument. It’s wonderful.

I’d love to hear how you combat clutter in your home. Tips and tricks welcome!


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  1. Omg remember the patio set we rescued from the curb? That then leaked rusty water all over the kitchen and I thought Tim would kill us? Hahaha!

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