Themed Yankee Swap

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.59.55 PMframed art via Minted

I LOVE to choose thoughtful gifts for family and friends, absolutely hate waste (anything that will end up in a landfill), and am extremely competitive so the idea of gifting a gag present or worse — having my gift “stolen” in traditional Yankee Swap fashion has never appealed to me.  Until recently.

For our annual Christmas party this year, we’ve taken the traditional swap and given it a new, creative spin with a theme: Eat, Drink & Be Merry. 


Obviously, I’ve had a blast imagining some fun interpretations. Here are some of my ideas so far:

– A fun flask + bottle of your favorite holiday spirit
– Salami, cheese, crackers + a mini cheese board
– Bar wall art like this + some nips
Bar Cart supplies: fun drink stirrers, holiday mixers, themed toothpicks and some cocktail napkins
– Selection of your favorite craft beers + some cheese to pair with it
Cocktail recipe book + ingredients to make your favorite cocktail
– Good quality coco mix + some chocolate liqueur
– Cocktail tools: jigger, shaker, muddler
Susty party party supplies + fun cocktail napkins
– Fondue recipe + cheeses + some dipping bread/crackers
– Fun holiday ornaments/decoration/wine stoppers + a bottle of wine


If you haven’t heard of Susty Party, you definitely need to check them out online or in stores, at Whole Foods. Emily and Jessica created a line of SUPER cute, sustainable, and compostable plates/napkins/drink ware. Genius! And on top of that, their factories employ the blind.

the curious bartender
Just reading the Amazon reviews for this cocktail book, The Curious Bartender: The Artistry and Alchemy of Creating the Perfect Cocktail, by Tristan Stephenson, made me pine for my early 20’s when I had all the time in the world to whip up and enjoy a weeknight cocktail. It also made me majorly regret never jumping on the bar cart train. But not that we have a baby in the house, I don’t think it’s in the cards to keep rocks glasses and fun drink stirrers out. Nevermind tying one on at the end of bath time!! But, I digress.

I finalized my own gift pick and grabbed two copper mugs that I’ll pair with all the makings for a traditional Moscow Mule. Kind of want to keep it for myself though… we’ll see!

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