Latest Obsessions

great british baking show2
I’ve found my weekly “Currently Digging” posts to be useful for sharing favorite products like books or beauty products, but as someone with periods of intense fixations on people, things, and ideas, I’m realizing that some weeks there is simply too much that I need to share, so I’m testing out a new series idea. Let me know what you think. Here’s what I’m obsessing over lately:

  1. The Great British Bake Off on Netflix
    I’m not terribly proud of how much television I’ve watched since August, which is when I started Season 1 of this show, but as a baker and Anglophile, I find the show absolutely addictive. At first, I didn’t love the unstructured judging and how the camera jumps around to the bakers, but I’ve learned SO much and been so inspired. I am dying to get into the kitchen and start baking again. Also, even the men use the word lovely on the regular and contestants regularly lend each other a hand. It’s really refreshing to see reality TV where the people are just…nice.

  2. 15-year Mortgages
    Bear with me here. As we hustle to pay down our credit card debt and look ahead to the future with our growing family, there has been a definite shift in how we approach our finances. We lived rather extravagantly in our 20s but it wasn’t until we bought our first home that I started to get interested in interest. (Hah!) I’ve since become absolutely obsessed with the idea of a 15-year mortgage. It’s a far off goal, but just the idea of a lower interest rate on our home loan is enough to inspire me to save – save – save. I sincerely wish we’d had this on our minds at 25 when we were paying rent and working.Conservatively, we probably paid close to $110K in rent since we moved in together in 2009. If we’d just scrimped together a down payment, we could have easily afforded a modest home and spent the last 7 years building equity. Now we know!

  3. Halo Top ice cream
    Again, I’m not terribly proud of how much Halo Top I’ve consumed since I discovered it on sale for just $2.99 a pint, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately scour Craigslist for chest freezers after tucking into my first ever pint of the “Lemon Cake” flavor. It’s a low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar; entire pints can be consumed with zero guilt. I’m in love. Here is a ranking of the best flavors. I personally love: Lemon Cake, Cookie Dough, and Birthday Cake.
  4. Moving to a new room
    We are incredibly lucky that C sleeps through the night already, but rooming-in with our daughter means our bedroom is inaccessible for large chunks of the day while she naps, as well as all night. Our older daughter nursed through the night until nearly 9 months old so it just worked to have her nearby, so we weren’t really prepared for this.

    I’ll miss being so close, but I’m beyond excited by the prospect of even more space for us and a bit of a retreat from the chaos of a toddler and an infant. Plus, now I can decorate a nursery for C which hadn’t been in the plans since we’d anticipated a similar type of sleeper and hoped to have the girls share a room once C was on a good sleep schedule.

  5. Making bread from scratch
    Specifically, sourdough bread. There is something about a crispy, tangy sourdough toast slathered with butter that just scream fall to me in a way that pumpkin spice lattes speak to other people. I’ve never experimented much with bread making though so there was a bit of a learning curve. For example, I had to learn how to make a “sourdough starter” which was absolutely fascinating! I’m using the recipe from the King Arthur Flour website, but have picked up a lot of sourdough tips from The Fresh Loaf website, too. Any recipe that directs me “feed the dough” is appropriately creepy for the month of Halloween I think, too.

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