Conversations + Emilia-isms


Everytime my daughter opens her mouth when my own mom is around, the next thing I usually hear is: I hope you’re writing all of this down! And the sad thing is, not always. There is simply ALWAYS something cute being said, or an adorable moment between sisters happening, or a beautiful art project being shared. It’s REALLY hard to stay on top of it all. Especially since I prefer to be in the moment, instead of behind a phone, trying to “capture the moment” for enjoyment later. Earlier this summer, I read that the Amish don’t take ANY photographs. Can you even imagine? As much as I love photography, the idea has been pulling at me. But more on that in another post.

I’m not quite read to go full-stop, in-the-moment-Amish, but I’m trying to be better about the funny conversations and phrases that come so fast and furiously, so here are some of the latest conversations and Emilia-isms in October (age 3 1/2):

Earlier this morning, Madonna was on the radio when we got in the car and E sweetly asked who was singing.
Madonna, I said.
Is she a princess? Emilia asked.
At this point, I’m pretty much beaming with pride as I reply, You know what? She’s actually THE princess. She’s basically, the Queen. The first one. Although now we have Beyonce, too. 

Mom, can I have a snack?
Here’s an apple. Do you want me to cut it? 

[Emphatically] MOM. That’s not a snack. Snacks are crunchy.
[I realize apples are also crunchy, but she is specifically referencing the crunch of a cracker, chip or cookie here. I also tend to refer to snacks as “healthy” if it’s fruit or veggies and use “treat” for everything else.

Can I please have a drink, gorgeous Mama?

Humans will get better at driving.
[Usually said in a very calm voice, to ME, while in traffic]

This is much more better.

Can you help me dress up like Princess Jasmint?


I’d love to hear what cute things your kids are saying. Is there any particular age you found especially adorable? Please share in the comments below.


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