Secrets you should know about me:

– I could probably live in just about any library, I love to read.
– Most of my music collection is movie soundtracks.
– Anne of Green Gables was my favorite book as a kid.
– Yoga and pilates keep me sane.
– I buy a Christmas tree ornament for every new place I travel.
– My favorite place in the world is the Brancacci Chapel in Florence, Italy.
– Unless there are eggs involved, it’s not breakfast to me.
– I have the most amazing (from scratch) recipe for chocolate cream pie.
– Most of “The Lord of the Dance” is on my running playlist.
– I fantasize about living at Anthropologie.
– I absolutely love camping, being in the woods, and being outside in general.
– The Redwood Forests is the absolute top of my dream travel list.
– I love to garden.
– My siblings drive me nuts but I can’t imagine my life without them.
– I don’t actually like coffee but have to drink it daily.
– I’m a Mayflower descendant.
– I’m Irish and Scottish.
– Gummy candy, Twizzlers, chocolate with nuts or fruit are my jam.
– I studied art history and history of film in college and both really stayed with me. I think beautiful cinematography is an art.