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Book Challenge Update

10 Oct

GO DOWNLOAD THE APP SERIAL READER. I’m very much a traditionalist when it comes to reading — I love the weight of a book or newspaper in my hands. Yet, I loved the freedom my Kindle afforded me a few years ago, particularly once I downloaded the Kindle app onto my phone. I only stopped using it because figuring out how to freshen up my reading list required an amount of technical effort I preferred to devote to perusing the stacks at the public library — or Barnes & Nobles, where I’d go for my library request list inspiration. All for free. Muahaha.

But there’s a new (free) app that I’m in love with that is helping me tackle some of the weightier “classics” on my #26bookchallenge bucket list that I’ve had trouble diving into with the same zest I might dig into a beach read, which is exactly why the developer created this app.


The idea is simple: bite-sized bits of the classics, delivered in daily installments for you to devote 10 minutes to, every day. With a paid version, which I upgraded to for $2.99 — because I was so in love with this concept and thought the interface was beautifully designed — you can even read ahead if you wish, which I often find myself doing.

Considering that the Skimm is my go-to source for a quick rundown of all the must-know happenings of the world (it’s an easily digestable, Twitter-era language breakdown of the news sent by email and usually requiring, at most, 4-5 minutes to read/skim and I am their #1 fan. Obviously.)

I just started installments of George Elliot’s Middlemarch, which I recently read described as one of the truest, most incredible books ever written. So far, so good. I might even pick up my Kindle again, who knows.


Crossing it off the bucket list

22 Oct

creativity quotes stephen kingGraphic design and photography have always interested me but my efforts to improve my skills have been negligible.  Over the years I’ve looked into courses, certificate programs, Masters degrees in Fine Art and made list after list of creative goals, but never made any moves until today when I finally created a Facebook Page to share my photography.

But why now?  And why all the feet dragging?

First, I was horrified when I recently pulled up my Pinterest board “You Will Try This,“—basically my visual bucket list of anything I want to act on now—and saw an article I pinned TWO YEARS AGO titled: 22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Digital Photography Forever. I was stunned. If I’d just read the article I’d have two years of improved photography skills under my belt today!

Second, I recently read an article that described what “daring” means for Oprah:

“Coming to the edge. Seeing the space between where I am and where I want to go. It’s pretty wide. But having the faith to take the leap anyway and knowing that no matter where you land, it’s going to be okay.”

Together with her famous maxim: Live your best life, I’m completely smitten. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to be brave enough to begin. And you know what happened right after I started my photography Facebook page up? A friend contacted me to say she’d wanted to ask me if could take some maternity photos for her.

Dîner en Blanc

13 Aug

The annual tradition, launched in Paris 22 years ago made it to Boston…

“A night where thousands gather at an exquisite location, held secret until the last minute. Carrying gourmet foods and plenty of champagne, their own tables and chairs, braving the elements, dapper gents and elegant ladies conquer an urban space and make it their own.” diner en blanc, paris

And we’re going!!! Preparing for it has been the best part. Finding the right table, the chairs, putting together what we’ll wear, planning the meal, and thinking about how we’ll get it all there…There is nothing like a proper dinner party.

Bon appétit!