Book Challenge Update

GO DOWNLOAD THE APP SERIAL READER. I’m very much a traditionalist when it comes to reading — I love the weight of a book or newspaper in my hands. Yet, I loved the freedom my Kindle afforded me a few years ago, particularly once I downloaded the Kindle app onto my phone. I only stopped using it because figuring out how to freshen up my reading list required an amount of technical effort I preferred to devote to perusing the stacks at the public library — or Barnes & Nobles, where I’d go for my library request list inspiration. All for free. Muahaha.

But there’s a new (free) app that I’m in love with that is helping me tackle some of the weightier “classics” on my #26bookchallenge bucket list that I’ve had trouble diving into with the same zest I might dig into a beach read, which is exactly why the developer created this app.


The idea is simple: bite-sized bits of the classics, delivered in daily installments for you to devote 10 minutes to, every day. With a paid version, which I upgraded to for $2.99 — because I was so in love with this concept and thought the interface was beautifully designed — you can even read ahead if you wish, which I often find myself doing.

Considering that the Skimm is my go-to source for a quick rundown of all the must-know happenings of the world (it’s an easily digestable, Twitter-era language breakdown of the news sent by email and usually requiring, at most, 4-5 minutes to read/skim and I am their #1 fan. Obviously.)

I just started installments of George Elliot’s Middlemarch, which I recently read described as one of the truest, most incredible books ever written. So far, so good. I might even pick up my Kindle again, who knows.



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