Loving: Anthropologie’s Decor

Every time I visit Anthropologie, I get lost fantasizing about my whimsical, rustic, quirky alter-ego life. I tend to visit when I just need a does of inspiration and browsing never fails to stir the creative juices in a way that few other brick and mortar retail stores do anymore.

Above is a display that stopped me in my tracks earlier this spring — those are cut balloons made to look like flowers dripping down a wood hutch. I mean… I am dying. I snapped this pic not so I could blog about the Anthro store displays, but so I could try to recreate this some day in a little girl’s room or future nursery.

Years and years ago, I remember seriously considered becoming a visual merchandiser and it was largely because of the feeling I got when I shopped in their stores. Although their catalog doesn’t speak to me quite as much as the in-store experience does, I’m continually impressed and inspired by the creative displays and whimsical decor each time I walk through.

If you haven’t been inside an Antro, my favorite time is year to visit is usually right around the beginning or December when the holiday displays go up. Each Anthro store interprets a concept set by corporate so you’ll see different interpretations at different stores which makes shopping all that more fun.


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