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Hawaii packing research 101

28 May

With our honeymoon booked and a lot of the “what-do-we-want-to-do” research out of the way, I can focus on my favorite part: shopping packing!! Or rather, planning for packing.  Time to bust out the research books. Hawaii is a LOT more casual than we’re accustomed to here in New England and a lot of the best beaches and waterfalls require a bit of a hike, so I’m thinking more simple shorts/sneakers and bathing suits, good sun glasses, a sturdy tote bag that can double as a carry on, and less filmy cover ups and resort wear! But it’s my honeymoon, so I’ll probably bring at least a few pretty dresses in some bright colors.

We also learned that Hawaiian shirts, oraloha shirts,” as they are referred to in Hawaii, are the go-to for all but the most formal occasions. Traditional men’s aloha shirts are usually adorned with traditional Hawaiian quilt designs, tapa designs, and simple floral patterns in more muted colors than what you’re probably used to when you hear “Hawaiian shirt.” Malahini (newcomers) often wear designs of many bright colors while Kamaʻāina (or those who have been living in the islands for a long time) prefer less busy patterns.

Fabulous. They even make dresses for the ladies:

The jury is still out on whether either of us will take that plunge, but we both scooped up some deals over the holiday weekend and the colors are BRIGHT! We hope this doesn’t brand us tourists.  For a color-phobe like me, this tangle of suits and shirts below is completely out of character, but Brian is in his element. That man loves pastels and brights.

Tocca Cosmetics bag / here *on sale for $18

Anyways, while I’ve been stockpiling SPF 70 kidding, it’s just SPF 30, and all the ikat and neon I can get my hands on, my incredibly thoughtful groom picked me up a little pre-nuptial present to pack for our trip. I’ve been drooling over this Tocca cosmetics bags for years I tell you. If only I had stockpiled mini-versions of all my favorite products, I’d be all set and ready to go. But I’m sure I’ll fill this baby and then some, no problem. My suitcase will be begging for mercy, I have no doubt.

Another cute little something I am pretty excited about for our trip is this sweet little luggage tag my mom found for me:

And this “Mrs.” necklace from Kate Spade. Yes, I have fallen victim to it: Absolutely everything with “Mrs.” and “Bride” on it is irresistible these days.

We still have to actually pack, but we’re having fun with our research and shopping excursions!!

4 amazing years

26 May

It feels like ages since that Saturday we both had to work — when he lured me down a creepy, dark hallway and kissed me. Until that moment, I wasn’t sure if he was just a really funny, friendly guy who liked to bake* or if he liked me!

That hallway lip plant really clarified things.  And then, as naturally as breathing, things fell into place and here we are, two weeks away from our wedding!  Thank you for 4 amazing years, love.

*One of the many ways Brian won me over= baking a rum cake for my birthday. He also makes a mean triple berry pie. And he can cook, too.

Final dress fitting

22 May

It’s all real now. I met Anahit at her salon in Newton for my final dress fitting today.

Trying my gown on without any pins in the seams and with my veil, shoes, jewelry, and hair done made it all feel so real suddenly. Which is crazy, 17 days before the wedding. But it’s true.

It was a definitely a “pinch-me” moment seeing it all done and together finally. I feel so relieved.

I rarely know what I’m going to wear this far in advance.