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Love it: DVF Private Jet II Luggage

14 Jul

Diane Von Furstenberg Private Jet II Luggage
To say I’ve had my eye on this Diane von Furstenberg luggage set for a while would be an understatement. After extensive stalking online for months after consulting the Lifehacker guide The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year and shopping around doing price comparisons, it finally went on sale this spring. But I patiently waited it out, hoping for a “closeout” deal, which is Macy’s absolute lowest pricing and am happy to say it’s finally mine! I also saved an additional 20% using a Macy’s sale coupon. Score! Since the first piece of the set arrived last Friday, I’ve been trolling Expedia for vacation ideas because I’m dying to use it. It’s such a unique color and style, it will be a breeze to spot at baggage claim, too.

Diane Von Fursetenberg rollerbag luggage

This Luggage Pros “Luggage Size Guide” was another great resource I used to help determine which pieces I wanted to invest in. Initially, I was set on just the 28″ for checking, a 22″ for carry-on and the 20″ rolling bowler duffel for overnight or weekend trips, but added the 24″ to complete the set at the last minute, just so I can see it in person to decide if I think I’d use it. Generally, I try to avoid checking luggage as much as possible since a carry-on expedites travel and keeps things simple (great article here on this subject, by Rands in Repose), but figured if the price is right, it’d be better to have it.

Love it: Wifey tee

13 Nov

WIFEYTEE-2TAfter our engagement in 2010, Brian and I segued quickly from “boyfriend/girlfriend” to “fiancé/fiancée”. There’s such a small window to enjoy it so no instance was too insignificant to use it. Now that we’re married, I’m just as enamored with my new title and still get a little thrill each time I hear Brian say “my wife.” The other day I had his car keys at yoga and was struck by how casually I explained that I’d grabbed my husband‘s keys so I didn’t have my key card.

Since I know the excitement will eventually wane, I thought this ILY Couture tee would be perfect to commemorate this silly, happy, romantic period as newlyweds.