life – boys — etc :)

Just recently, I discovered the loveliest unread e-mail in my inbox from one of my best friends and bridesmaids. She’d sent it this past December, just after Brian and I got engaged and her subject line: “life – boys — etc” just makes me smile.

Here is an excerpt:

There’s a line in When Harry Met Sally, where Sally’s friend is dating Harry’s friend and they are in bed together when Harry and Sally both call to bitch about each other. Sally’s friend looks at Harry’s friend and says something to the effect of “Just tell me I won’t ever have to be out there again” and Harry’s friend says to her “You’ll never have to be out there again”. They get married later in the movie.

Congratulations for being one of those people who never has to be out there in the dating world again!!! Your fiance is a great guy, but he also got a good catch in you, Wendy. You’re one of my favorite friends and such a good person 🙂

Awww, right? I have the best friends.

*EDIT* – Staci got engaged later in the day that I posted this!!! How crazy is that?!! I’m so happy you you, Staci.


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