Photographer: Check!

We are crushing our wedding To-Do list these past few weeks so we’re thrilled to share that we’ve chosen a photographer. The lovely Brea McDonald will be shooting our wedding next June and we couldn’t be more excited!

From the first phone conversation, we were smitten. Her photos feel natural and warm and she has an incredible eye.

There are also a bunch of strange coincidences that I’m taking as very good signs:
– She’s a McDonald
My mother’s family is McDonald

– Her studio is in York, Maine
Where I vacationed growing up

– Boston Weddings
Her work was featured in one of the two wedding magazines Brian gave me the day we got engaged. I actually clipped some of her work out of it without realizing until I saw her portfolio.

Needless to say, it was meant to be and we are so excited.


Here is some of Brea’s gorgeous work:

Other items that have been keeping us busy include:

  • Meeting caterers this week/weekend
  • Choosing our “save the dates”
  • Finalizing our hotel room blocks
  • Researching shuttle transportation to/from the reception AND our own to/from the church
  • Picking bridesmaids dresses
  • Researching videographers, wedding invitations, and hair/makeup

That’s all for now!

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  1. I’m thrilled you picked this photographer! It’s funny how many signs there are that she’s the one. Can’t wait to see what she does with your wedding!

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