Sneak Preview: Registering

We’re heading to Macy’s on Saturday, February 18th to start our registry!
As excited as we BOTH are about china and flatware, let’s be honest…


…this scanner gun makes us giddy!!!

We love to cook and bake, so we already have a lot of kitchen essentials, like a stand mixer, heavy-duty food processor, and good set of knives, but my college-era non-stick cookware is on its last legs and our flatware consists of two “good spoons”, so we’re excited to upgrade the important day-to-day stuff!

Any recommendations or tips for must-have registry items?


  1. lol…two “good spoons!” I DO have a recommendation today now that you have probably completed your registry…just tonight I discovered that Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixers have an attachment for ice cream. Storing an ice cream maker is a pain… attachment would be easier to deal with and probably would be used more frequently than a bulky, cumbersome machine you’ll likely store in an area of objects not frequently used.

    1. We actually put that attachment on our Macy’s registry already with just that reasoning. My Kitchen Aid Mixer was the BEST gift ever by the way. Thank you! I love the bread hook, whisk and meat grinder!!

      1. I just saw it on your list….”good thinkin’ shwinkin!” Hey, I noticed tonight that you have your 1st “fulfilled” item!

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