Showers & other fun stuff

Thank you so much to Bri’s mom, his Nana, and his Aunt Beth for throwing me a beautiful bridal shower this past weekend in CT!! It was so nice to spend some time mingling with everyone. And I can’t thank my fabulous bridesmaids Michelle, Shawna and Cait for driving all the way down to attend. Brian and I are just so incredibly grateful to have so many friends and family who love us.

Everything was so pretty and Bri’s favorite — hydrangeas–were everywhere!!

Bri’s best friends from growing up in Trumbull came too, which was awesome:

Here are 3 of my lovely bridesmaids, Cait, (me), Shawna and Michelle:

My absolute favorite part…Brian’s mom got me a sparkly tiara!! (That I LOVED!)

And finally, finally, finalllly, we got to meet Brian’s cousin Sarah’s daughter, Louisa! (OMG, right?) She’s gorgeous. Brian, are you reading this? I want one.

…I think he might be on board. Soon.

So that is it!! It was an absolutely lovely weekend and it was wonderful seeing everyone!!!


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