The Newlywed Game

One of the many fun, little touches my bridesmaids organized for my shower was a “How-well-do-you-know-your-Groom?” game.  Brian’s answers were pre-recorded, then compared to mine which were given live, on-the-spot.

Here’s how we did:

Where was your first kiss?
B: Down a dark corridor near the empty conference rooms on a Saturday at W.B. Mason.
W: He lured me down a dark hallway via text message. It was pretty creepy. The night before, he’d asked me to hang out with his friend but weirdly, we ended up on this weird “faux-date” at TGIFriday’s. The next day, even as I walked to meet him in that hallway, I still didn’t know if he was just a friendly guy or what.  Then he kissed me and I thought: Aha!

What is the worst thing Wendy has ever cooked for you?
B: I can’t really think of anything, but ask her what she would say for me. I bet her answer will be a pot roast that I ruined by cooking it on high all day in a crock pot. It was terrible.
W: We’re both pretty good cooks; I can’t really think of anything. The pot roast wasn’t too terrible!

What one belonging of yours would Wendy throw out if she had the chance?
B: My North Face fleece. She doesn’t like the burnt orange color of it.
W: His North Face. The color…shudder.

What one belonging of Wendy’s would you throw out if you had the chance?
B: Her least comfortable pair of shoes, because I never understand why anyone would want to wear something that hurt so much.
W: Probably my too-high heels.

What is the sweetest thing Wendy has ever done for you?
B: Our first Christmas together, she bought me a very expensive Digital SLR camera because she really thought I took great photos and wanted to encourage me to use that creative skill. I had never really thought that I had any photography talent until that point.
W: Brian is always doing sweet things for me! He made me a book of 100 things he loves about me, posted photos all around our place on Valentine’s day with notes about why they are special to us, learned (and has since perfected) to bake my favorite Tortuga Rum cake… and when I had an especially terrible day, he stopped by with flowers and a shopping bag overflowing with all my absolute favorite junk-food treats: cookie dough ice cream, Claussen pickles, Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar chips and Twizzlers. It was amazing and so, so sweet.

What is the sweetest thing you have ever done for Wendy?
B: I created a book with the 100 reasons why I love her.

What is the one moment you are looking forward to the most on your wedding day?
B: Besides seeing in her dress, actually putting the rings on each other. That is when I think it will feel ‘real’.
W: Finally seeing each other, saying our vows and those few moments right after we leave the church and are alone together and newly married.

What is Wendy’s biggest shopping weakness?
B: Ha, umm clothes/shoes in a tie?
W: Stores in general, haha, but clothes and shoe stores, definitely. Whole Foods and Banana Republic are both bad for us, too. We can’t go to either without losing complete control!

What is Wendy’s worst habit?
B: Picking her nails.
W: Excuse me?! What bad habits?! No, totally kidding. I pick my nails.

What would Wendy say is your worst habit?
B: That I like to watch a lot of tv.
W: He never wears sunblock!!

How many children does Wendy want (and how soon does she want to have them)?
B: 3, in the next 2-3 years possibly. We need a more permanent living situation first.
W: Between 3 and 5 and as soon as possible, but more realistically, maybe 2 or 3 in 2-3 years. I agree on needing a more permanent place first.

What one thing about you does Wendy think is the most attractive?
B: Either my confidence or ability/flexibility to talk to anyone in any situation.
W: Besides that he is devastatingly handsome, I love his confidence, his sense of humor, his intelligence, and his ability to fit in seamlessly with absolutely anyone. He can talk to anyone about anything. He just has this nice way about him. And he is absolutely amazing with my little sister, so I know he’ll be a great father someday.

Pretty fun, right? And we did pretty well! Good job girls, and especially Cait, who played emcee during this game.


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  1. aaawww…that is so cute….you know each other so well. This part of your shower was my absolute favorite because, clearly, you love each other deeply….it shows!

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