Stamp of Perfection

I think it’s pretty common for brides to suffer from perfectionism when it comes to their wedding –  I know I did! Ages and ages ago, I wanted to order a return address rubber stamp for all our wedding-related correspondence but always delayed purchase as I agonized over every little detail and decision. Vendor sources: foryoo , savethedate, chattypress, & primele

Don’t do that! To the brides-to-be who spend too long pondering whether a font conveys your “couple style” (don’t laugh!!), remember this advice: Just do it! Simple.  Only immerse yourself in this level of detail if you enjoy it, but don’t stew for weeks mulling over every.single.decision because there are simply too many over the course of your planning that you won’t be able to do them all justice. Inevitably that one thing you didn’t decide on quick enough and had to skip will haunt you later on.  Just go with your instincts and if you’ve slept on it and still really love a dress, a color scheme, a venue or something SO minor like a return address stamp, commit already and check it off your list.

And most important of all, remember that if you’re married at the end of all this planning, that’s all that matters.

Note: Having said all that, we are now married and 9 million envelopes later, I could STILL kick myself  for not buying one of these return address stamps, so I finally rounded up my absolute favorite-favorite-favorites to share with you from the following incredible vendors on Etsy. Enjoy!

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