Fall Traditions


IMG_9029_wA couple years ago we met up with my friend Shawna and her boyfriend Sterling to pick pumpkins at Nihtila Farm in Massachusetts. It was rainy and I had dressed completely wrong for mucking around in the field so I had to wear trash bags over my shoes; something we still laugh about each trip. Rain, mud and all we had a blast and it became an annual tradition. IMG_9026_w


Since then, we’ve married those boyfriends and I’ve learned to always wear rubber boots for this excursion. But that’s not all. Shawna and Sterling will welcome their first child this January! While we searched for the perfect pumpkins we talked about how amazing it will be to have their baby girl join us next year for this annual tradition. I can’t wait! I think that’s probably my favorite thing about traditions; having something fun to look forward to.

Since I never posted them back then, here are a few favorites from that first muddy year:
wagon mud


IMG_4268_wMost timely photo ever I think. ❤


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