DIY Organic Lavender Sachets

IMG_1141Lavender is one of my all-time favorite scents because it’s so calming. But it’s versatile too. I recently learned that it’s a completely natural moth-repellant, which is important to think about when you have little ones—chemicals are dangerous! When I first imagined this project I’d planned to create some simple pouches my friend could throw in the dryer or stow in a dresser to gently and naturally scent her baby’s laundry, then I decided to add some simple ribbon loops so they could also be hung on a hanger in the closet or off of a dresser drawer pull once the scent is gone . I love versatility!

how to_blue
DIY Organic Lavender Sachets

My mom always says that when you find fabric you love to snap it up even if you don’t have a project in mind yet. So when I found this adorable nursery print while buying fabric for my first quilt I couldn’t resist. It worked out nicely because my friend’s nursery theme is “baby elephants.” I didn’t think she’d mind a few additional baby animals though so I purposely centered each animal within the shape of a heart; I thought it would be sweet and unique, but a solid or print like polka dots could be really cute too.


– 1/2 yard of organic cotton fabric
– 1 cups of organic lavender buds
– 15-20″ of 1/4″ ribbon, tied into bows and cut into loops (eye ball it)
– needle and thread


– Wash and iron fabric and hand wash ribbon (if you plan to use in the dryer)
– Fold fabric in half and cut heart shapes, approx. 3 x 5″ (or smaller)
– Hand-sew each heart closed starting about a 1/4″ away from the top center
– Before you reach the top of the heart, fill about 3/4 full with lavender buds (leave a little room for air flow)
– Continue sewing closed and attach ribbon loop to back piece of heart once you reach the top/center of the heart
– From inside heart, sew tied bow on taking care to puncture only the back of the bow knot
– Finish sewing heart shut and tie off with a knot at the back of the heart

When  gifted these for my friend’s baby shower, I attached a simple gift tag with the directions for usage: Squeeze to release fragrance and hung them over some cute outfits I’d bought for her daughter. Easy, organic, and safe for baby. And best of all — they smell like heaven.


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