Thankful For…

Iwith gratitudeI’ve been feeling overwhelmed with such an outpouring of love, support and positive ju-ju lately that I wanted to take a minute to dash off some thoughts while I’m in the moment. I’m so incredibly thankful for…

– The support of women. Of my girlfriends who support, champion, and reassure at every single step. Who are pissed at me when I keep bad news, regretting that they can’t be there for me and send me the “OMG!!!!” texts and emails when I have something to celebrate.

– Long emails from and phone dates with best friends who just know me better than anyone else; and this morning, a quick return text from one that I’d messaged with some ridiculous query at 3 AM.

– Relationships with friends so deep and richly embroidered by history that I don’t need to explain myself when we connect even if some time has passed.

– That so many of my friends have become friends with one another.

– Experiencing so many amusing little incidences over the years that I can share anytime someone needs to laugh.

– The intimacies and inside jokes shared with my husband; like the notes we sneak into luggage, or beneath pillows, or scrawl on the bathroom mirror when one of us is traveling, or our pre-coffee morning hug usually in the kitchen when I’m basically still asleep.

– A husband whose first instinct to cheer me up involved delivering all my favorite junky foods to my house: ice cream, pickles, Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar Chips and Twizzlers.

– The encouragement from Brian so many years ago to hold out for a job I really loved when I was tempted to just take anything — it led me to working in web, design and digital which I love! And his continued support in all I do and aspire to. His positivity, his kindness, his spirit. I could go on and on…

– And finally, a mom who read and crafted with me, who extolled the virtues of playing a musical instrument, who taught me to respect tradition and history (and to respect antiques enough to not deface them by “refurbishing”). Who instilled an appreciation for art , reverence for nature, who taught me to always say please and thank you, and raised me not to count my worth based on clothing labels and to not judge those who did, who sent me recipes notes so I could learn to cook while I lived abroad, and who lives (by example every single day) what it means to truly love.

I’m very lucky and appreciate you all so, so, so much.


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